ekobrew Reusable Filter Reduces Waste from a Keurig Machine

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Looking for a way to the reduce waste and save money on K-Cups for your Keurig machine? Using an ekobrew reusable filter eliminates single-use K-Cups and lets you brew cups of coffee using your own ground coffee, which costs a fraction of the price of individual K-Cups. Here’s why I switched to using the ekobrew reusable filter in my machine and why you should too!

Those Keurig K-Cup coffee machines sure are a handy way of making coffee, aren’t they? The ability to brew a single cup of coffee in minutes is probably the main reason for Keurig’s amazing success. However, with all that convenience comes a damaging toll on the environment, as all those empty single-use, non-recyclable K-Cups get tossed in the trash. According to some sources, there are over 10 million Keurig machines in households right now, meaning there could be billions of K-Cups disposed of in landfills each year. That’s a lot of trash created just from making cups of coffee!

I was recently given one of these machines as a gift, and while I absolutely love it I couldn’t deal with the trash issue and was feeling really guilty using it. I started doing some research for reusable filters, and after a family member had bought the ekobrew reusable filter, I bought a set of three of them for myself. Ever since, I have not needed to use any of the standard throw-away K-Cups, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

ekobrew reusable filter

The ekobrew reusable filters are BPA free and usable over and over again with just a quick rinse out. They work in most Keurig machines, except the B30 Mini, B130, B150, B155 or B3000. Over at Amazon, they have the ekobrew reusable filter for the lowest price I was able to find online, and a set of three makes each one even cheaper. Before you order one or three, I would advise you to stick with only the brown ones. I had trouble with the green ones and had to exchange them for brown ones. I don’t know if they were manufactured differently or in a separate plant somewhere, but they spilled and overflowed every single time I used them. The brown one, and the replacement brown ones, work flawlessly.

Using the ekobrew reusable filter eliminates all the waste created by a Keurig machine, lets you use your own choice of coffee, and saves a ton of money over buying the regular K-Cups, most of which come out to about $.50 or $.60 each. Using one of these filters makes each cup cost about 1/4 of the price, which can really add up if you brew several cups a day. I still enjoy my big french press full of organic coffee in the morning, but now I can easily make a guilt-free single cup anytime I want during the day. If you own a Keurig, I highly recommend you get yourself an ekobrew reusable filter and stop throwing away all that plastic!

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  1. My boyfriend has been using a Keurig My K Cup for more than a year now, and it works great, although there have definitely been a few mornings where he would rather make the trip to Starbucks than clean out the filter, which I really don’t understand. This one looks like an even simpler setup, though.

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