14 Easy Ways To Ditch Sugar For Good

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Sugar! It has been the subject of huge debate recently. Scientific evidence is mounting, warning against our seemingly insatiable appetite for the white stuff….which has been likened to cocaine on more than one occasion.

Excessive consumption has been connected to many chronic and potentially fatal diseases. We all know that sugar plays havoc with insulin, which is linked to obesity, which is linked to huge medical problens too.

So what can we do about it?

Sugar is in EVERYTHING! And it is so hard to give it up….it tastes so sweet.

The good news is that we have a whole host of simple ways for you to ditch sugar once and for all. The idea that we are addicted has been shunned, so don’t use that as an excuse. It really is possible to live a normal and happy (really!) life without sugar.

The trick is to be sensible about it. We should not consume more than 8-10% of our daily calories as sugar, which is only 140-180 calories per day.

1. See Through The Enemy Disguise

Do you have any idea how many names sugar can take in an ingredients list? Over 50! Surprised? Have a look at this list of all of it’s pseudonyms and keep yourself educated.

2. Check The Ranking

Ingredients lists give something else away if you know what to look for. The ranking of ingredients is done in order of weight, so if there is lots of sugar it will be listed as one of the first ingredients….steer clear!

3. Beware of Misleading Labels

Labelling such as ‘low sugar’ or ‘lite’ is not to be trusted. Don’t be fooled by the marketing language. How do we know what ‘low sugar’ really means. And is it only low if you eat one eight of the product?

There is no regulation behind using ambiguous terms like this, so tree carefully here!

4. Eat Whole Foods

One way to avoid the entire labelling and ingredients trap is to eat mainly whole foods! Foods that your great grandma would recognise, you know, the real stuff!

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