14 Easy Ways To Ditch Sugar For Good

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This is one sure way to take control of exactly what you are consuming. You will get the added benefit of enjoying more nutritious meals this way too, wwhich should contribute to a reduction in cravings for sweet foods.

problems with sugar

5. Ditch Soda

This is an easy one! Soda is basically liquid candy. If you are stuck on the stuff make it a priority to drastically cut back – and whatever you do, don’t turn to diet sodas as a substitute.

If you simply love fizzy, try soda water with a squeeze of lemon. I know it is not the same, but you can train yourself to like it! It is absolutely worth it.

6. Re-train Your Taste Buds

What do we mean by train yourself to enjoy a less sweet version of soda? It is not as tricky as you think. Our taste receptors are numbed by the chemical overload of sweet foods we consume. Try gradually cutting back on the amount of sugar you consume, or for real results go on a detox. This can help to reset your receptors and appetite, and set you back on the right track.

7. Do Not Opt For Artificial

A word of warning here. Artificial sweeteners are not advised as an alternative for sugar. There have been many concerns raised about aspartame for one thing. But when you consider that they are simply chemicals designed to taste sweet, offering nothing of nutritional value, that should ring alarm bells.

Paradoxically they have also been linked to increasee weight gain. Our bodies can not be so easily fooled it would seem!

8. Do Not Skip Meals

Another great tip is to not let yourself get too hungry! Keeping your blood sugar stable is the key to managing sugar cravings. If you skip meals you may find that your energy levels crash and you feel light headed and weak. These situations often result in people reaching for the sugary snacks to make them feel better.

So eat regular meals to stay on top of this, and if you find yourself feeling light headed opt for a banana.

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