Employer advises Dumpster-diving for axed workers

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File Northwest Airlines as a place you do not want to work! It looks like NWA, after cutting pay and benefits for most of their employees, put together a handy guide to help employees survive their diminished salary. Here is what was in the handbook:

“…advised workers to fish in the trash for things they like or take their dates for a walk in the woods in a move to help workers facing the ax to save money.”

Um, I dont know about you, but if my company (and sometimes I think they should) cut back some salaries and handed out a book advising me to dig through the trash for things I like, I would not have been working there the next day. How much degradation can one take before quitting a job?

Northwest Airlines – Helping its employees become Good Humans.

Check out the rest of the article at the Houston Chronicle.
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