“Energy Citizen” Ads Are From The American Petroleum Institute.

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Think those Energy Citizen ads are really being aired in your best interest of saving a few bucks on energy costs? Think again – they are by the American Petroleum Institute, who is deathly afraid that a climate bill might impact billions of dollars of their profits. They are not interested in your energy costs or American jobs – they are just interested in their own bottom line. And if our government has their way, and a substantial energy/climate bill gets passed, the API is afraid that they won’t be able to afford the private jets and the multi-million dollar salaries they “earn” off of dirty energy in this country. Those Energy Citizen ads are trying to make you think that your energy costs are going to skyrocket if a climate bill gets passed, but nothing could be further from the truth. The EPA has declared, in public, that the average family would pay $100 more PER YEAR in energy costs in order to help us all fight climate change. That’s less than $10 per month to help fight what could be a life or death situation for future generations. I would say that’s a pretty tiny price to pay for cleaner air, less environmental damage, and more renewable energy sources.

The API sure is worried about losing their profit on oil in this country, and they want you to help them keep it. That’s what Energy Citizen is for – to encourage “regular” people to stand up to any climate change bill, no matter what. Please don’t fall for their new-found concern for high energy prices. After all, the less oil we burn in the name of protecting our environment hurts their wallet and that’s all they are concerned about. If you see this logo anywhere, rest assured it’s from the American Petroleum Institute and their friends, who include (per their own site) the Ohio Coal Association, FreedomWorks, and Avis Rent A Car :

The strangest part? There are members of the API who are actually for a robust climate bill, so I am not sure how heated any private meetings go between all these guys. Lucky for you, now you know just who is putting those Energy Citizen ads on the air and you can duly ignore them!

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  1. Wait, are you telling me that what we see in advertisements isn’t 100% truth?!?

    I think I’ve seen these ads. They look pretty convincing for the oil folks. It’s good that you are pointing out who these people are. Seems you can’t take a group’s name as a real indicator of who they are.

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