Energy Saving Ideas For Green Houses And Cabins


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It is becoming more and more popular to live green, and there are a lot of valid reasons for doing it. Beyond the fact that some people consider it a mere craze that will eventually fade away, while others insist it’s necessary in order preserve our environment for future generations, living green actually can save energy–providing you do it right. Whether it will help save the planet or simply save you money, going green is an option you may want to consider. Following are some energy saving ideas for green houses and cabins.

What Is Green Energy?

The fundamental idea behind green energy is to have the natural forces around us provide as much energy as possible in order to avoid using up non replaceable fuel. And, because green energy comes from naturally occurring phenomenon, such as the sun and the wind, it is viewed as a way to keep the earth from being overly polluted. Vastly different from non renewable energy sources, such as petroleum based products that leave an overabundance of residual effects or nuclear power which is inherently dangerous, solar and wind power are relatively clean alternatives. The idea is to make them a financially viable substitute, and preserve our environment in the process.

Partial Green Homes

You needn’t go completely green in order to take advantage of the savings. A complete green renovation can be quite costly so it may be better to start with a few basic energy saving improvements. One of the best ways to begin is to put in new energy efficient insulation. The right type of insulation will help keep cold air out and warm air in during the winter, and warm air out and cool air in during the summer. It’s important throughout the installation process to check for places that may cause energy to escape. Sealing those leaks with caulk, weather stripping or some other type of weatherproof covering will ensure you get the most benefit from the new insulation. The savings in energy costs can be substantial providing you follow this two step approach properly. Another way to help ensure your house or cabin is energy efficient is to install new windows that are designed to be energy savers.

Completely Green Homes

Combining the technique of ensuring your home is well insulated with renewable energy producing products can make your house or cabin completely green–eventually. Again, there is no need to have a completely green home in order to take advantage of the energy and money saving effects of naturally occurring sources of renewable energy. Installing green products a little at a time can save money along the way, which will help you become completely green in a timely manner. Naturally occurring sources of renewable energy are solar power, wind energy, hydroelectric power and geothermal power, essentially earth, wind, water and sun–all the powerful natural energy producing sources that we take for granted every day. Enlisting these sources is something that people have been doing with various degrees of success for millennium. The trick is to incorporate them in your house or cabin in an economical manner. The effect is that over time they will actually pay for themselves through the energy they save.

In the Meantime

Until you are able to make your home complete green there are ways to save energy. Keep your thermostat set at the lowest point you’re comfortable with during colder months and the air conditioner set as high as is reasonably comfortable during the summer. Make sure your furnace filters and registers are clean in order to promote the efficient flow of air. During the summer months, keep the drapes closed on windows that face the sun to keep the warmth out, and open them during the winter to allow the sun to help heat the house. Combining these energy saving techniques with the installation of a small wind turbine or a few solar panels can provide significant savings–and the more you save, the quicker you can go completely green.

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  1. Great post Bailey. One of the best ways that I’ve found to save energy in a home is to blow recycled newspaper insulation into the exterior walls. We’ve saved our tenants 25-50% on their heating costs just due to this one “green” retrofit. It’s definitely under-rated but it’s relatively inexpensive with a quick return on investment due to the energy savings (and some rebates, etc.)

  2. I sincerely hope to build a “Completely Green Home” once I graduate and get my own house, but for now I’m just going to have to keep doing what I can. Thanks for the information about green energy, I always think this kind of thing is very interesting.

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