Environmental Fugitives List Now On EPA Site.

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If you thought the guys on the wall at the Post Office were bad, check out these environmental fugitives over at the EPA…

Defendants charged with environmental crimes or violations of the U.S. Federal Criminal Code sometimes flee the court’s jurisdiction and/or the USA rather than face prosecution or to serve a sentence. When these circumstances occur, the defendants become fugitives from justice.

Let me just say that I had no idea such a list existed, but it is pretty interesting. Some of the crimes these people are accused of include:

  • Illegally importing and selling Freon
  • Discharging acidic chemical wastes into a sewer system
  • Illegal transportation, storage and disposal of mercury contaminated soil
  • Charged with having a secret pipe installed behind its facility that was discharging pollutants into a tributary of the Mississippi River
  • Illegal discharge of tons of oil-contaminated grain from a ship into the ocean

I smell a new reality show, don’t you? I mean, if they can make one about Homeland Security, then why not the EPA Environmental Fugitives?

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