EPA to Allow Wildlife and Livestock to Drink Fracking Wastewater


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Well, this should go over really well…

The Environmental Protection Agency, in all its infinite wisdom, has decided that it is A-OK for wildlife and livestock to consume the toxic wastewater left over from fracking activities by oil and gas drillers. According to EcoWatch, millions of gallons of this wastewater is pumped for consumption, with the EPA issuing permits for the process “without even identifying the chemicals in fluids used.”

Discharge permits have been proposed which would allow the water to be released near the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. These permits lack any requirements to protect the animals which may consume the water.

“Under the less than watchful eye of the EPA, fracking flowback is dumped into rivers, lakes and reservoirs,” said PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch. “Gushers of putrid, grayish water encrusted with chemical crystals flood through Wind River into nearby streams.”

I have written extensively on the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking as it is commonly called. Fracking has been banned in many places around the globe already, but it’s going to be an uphill battle to stop the practice altogether. Sadly, even the Sierra Club has fallen under the spell of gas drillers, as their natural gas outreach director believes that fracking Can Be ‘Done Right.

When you see articles or hear news reports about fracking, do not accept the claims of it being safe without doing your own investigating. Even with only a tiny amount of research, one can find plenty of studies showing just how dangerous and toxic it is, for animals and humans alike – never mind the earthquakes that have been linked to the practice.

Young Man Carrying a Protest Sign image from BigStock.

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  1. Unbelievable. I am glad I am a vegetarian and when I do buy an animal product is is raised locally, but it may be time to change to a completely vegan diet of local and home grown foods. This can’t be healthy for the livestock or those who eat the end result.

  2. Thank you, David, for without your diligent perseverance and willingness to share information as you do, many of us would be bereft of important information that we should be made aware of. Alas, we’re victims of an ever increasing onslaught of annihilation to anything pure that remains.

    Here in WV., fracking water is sprayed onto the roadways during winter. The after effects leave a white residue on the windshield. We think about the leaching of this toxic cocktail that will enter the soil, be absorbed by plant matter and also the water systems, not to mention the atomizing of this spray into the air!

    We have very little trustworthy media coverage on important national /global topics to rely upon and we elect buffoons into the political arena to govern us and allow for the irresponsible decision making policies such as this topic that you’ve introduced.

    Any “good planet” out there needs a sign that reads: No humans allowed

  3. I dont eat other “beings.” I love animals and how they are treated is an abomination. They are our fellow Earthlings for crying out loud. I swear they’re trying to kill us off with the Gmo, fracking, chemtrails, vaccines, etc. and all the terrible things they’re doing to our Mother Earth. Has anyone connected the dots yet?

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