EVELO Sponsoring a 30-Day Electric Bike Challenge

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Have you always wondered what life would be like if you actually gave up your car travelled by bike instead?

How would you get to and from work, what about grocery shopping, and what about your social life? Well, if you’ve always wanted to go car-less, an upcoming nationwide initiative called the 30-Day Electric Bike Challenge may be just the option to jumpstart your move toward a way of life that is not only healthier, but environmentally friendly.

Boston-based electric bike company EVELO is sponsoring the event, which begins on May 1st and is designed to promote electric bikes as an effective and viable mode of urban transportation. At least ten participants from across the US will exchange their car keys for an electric bike to use to commute to work, run errands, and just plain get around town. The electric bikes used in the Challenge will be provided by EVELO.

During the month of May, participant will use only their electric bikes, car sharing, and public transportation for all travel. Participants will blog about their experience, what they have learned, and how they have benefitted by giving up their car. In addition, hundreds of dollars worth of prizes will be up for grabs in categories such as miles travelled.

With transportation usually one of the highest expense categories in any household, people are getting serious about looking for viable options. With gas prices and other vehicle-related costs on a steep rise, parking spots increasingly difficult to find, and traffic jams eating into precious free time, the feeling is growing that there has got to be a better way to get around. And with more than half of all trips taken by car covering less than 3 miles, a bike is a viable option.

But many barriers keep people from cycling more often – whether it’s the hills, distance, fitness level, or the simple inconvenience of arriving at your goal sweaty and worn out. Electric bicycles break all those barriers by letting you cycle at your own pace and comfort level, using the electric assist when you need it and pure pedal power when you don’t. The struggle of riding up hills and against headwind virtually disappear, and riding longer distances is easier. Not to mention that electric bikes trim waistlines, get you past traffic jams, make our cities cleaner, and bring a smile to our faces.

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