Evian Spelled Backwards Is ‘Naive’. Coincidence?


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I think it’s pretty funny that a bottled water company name spelled backwards is Naive. Pretty much sums up how I feel about paying for water in plastic bottles! Need more reasons not to buy bottled water? Check out 12 Reasons To Stop Drinking Bottled Water.

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  1. well the story is that the French said the stupid Americans will buy anything even bottled water! which is where the idea came from and the named it Evian because backwards it spells Naive.

  2. Not only does it spell Naive, but if you actually look through the bottle from the back, the water magnifies it. Bottled water companies know they’re running a scam which takes community water, runs it through a basic filter, and then sells it back to the community at 1000% markup.

    Its too good to be a coincidence. They know their consumers are complete idiots and they revel over it.

  3. Say’s everything about the people who buys that stuff.

    The water companies charge enough for it in the first place.

    Who’s taking the p**s here?


  4. It spells ‘naive’ backwards and it seems funny there motto is “Live young” Theres something dodgy going on there I think!

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