Exploring Global Awareness Layers In Google Earth.

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If you have not been using Google Earth to take a new look at our home planet, you have been missing out. I use this app all the time to explore different places I have been or would like to go. But quite possibly the most useful things they have within the program are called “Global Awareness Layers” , which helps nonprofit organizations around the world leverage the power of Google Earth to illustrate and advocate for the important work that they do. Cool, right? Once you are inside the program, you just open the Global Awareness layer under the Layers pane on the lower left inside Google Earth and you can pick from all sorts of layers, like:

WaterAid – an international charity whose mission is “to overcome poverty by enabling the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.”

The GHF Global Awareness layer – explores cultural heritage sites around the world that GHF is working to preserve for future generations.

The TransFair USA layer – introduces users to the over 70 Fair Trade Co-ops located throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The “Every Human Has Rights” campaign – aims to raise public awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 60 years ago this year by the United Nations.

See what you might be missing? Go get Google Earth and check some of these out. But be careful, you might find that you have spent hours flying around the globe!

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