Exxon and Shell Post Huge Profits, Say Thank You.

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“Thank you Uncle George”. This ringing in my ears has got to stop as I have been hearing this phrase all morning after reading about Exxon’s HIGHEST PROFIT IN US HISTORY and Shell’s $25 BILLION dollar profit even with some difficulties.

Yep, you saw that right. Exxon has taken home the grand prize, the grand pooba, the hot tamale – $39.5 billion. The highest profit ever recorded in the United States history. Course, they set the record last year too with $36.1 billion, so it’s no surprise that they won this year after stealing all of that money from us and the government. Tell me again why we give the oil companies millions and millions of dollars in subsidies every year, only to then have them throw it in our face with RECORD BREAKING profits of $39 billion dollars?

Honestly, I wish we would run out of oil tomorrow. You’re welcome, oil companies, from Uncle George and his serfs here in the general population. Here is to at least one more year of record profits before your rich Uncle retires.


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