45 Devastating Facts About Land Mines That Should Move Us All Into Immediate Action


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18. Humanitarian demining aims for 99.6% clearance of land or sea, and it very time intensive and costly.

19. Manual mine removal can be done using a metal detector, with individuals wearing protective gear – but this is still very high risk.

20. Dogs and rats are often used as a humanitarian demining tactic – they sniff out explosive chemicals, and their small mass means that they are less likely to set off the trigger.

22. Mechanical clearance is often used to detonate mines, using rollers, flailers and plows.

Demining Vehicle
Demining Vehicle

23. Mechanical demining plows excavate the earth and turn mines upside down, which reduces the impact of explosion.

24. Long arm armoured bulldozers are often used, to reduce the risk to the driver of the vehicle.

25. Some questionable practices – not used by the UN, are to allow cattle and other large animals to graze on mid fields. It is reported that Nazi and Soviet governments forced prisoners to run across mine riddled land also as a punishment.

26. The UN estimates that it will take 1,100 years to clear all the land mines that are currently hidden with the technology we have available at present.

Demining Vehicle
Demining Vehicle

Where Are Land Mines Active Today?

27. Somalia has approximately 1 million active land mines due to regional conflicts that have been ongoing for more than 40 years. It has impacted agriculture, and transport on top of the loss of life and disabilities.

28. Mozambique is afflicted with around 3 million active land mines, which has exacerbated the crisis of its hungry citizens. Much farmable land is unusable because it is littered with land mines, and even schools did not escape. Approximately 20 people per month are injured of killed by the hidden explosives in Mozambique.

29. Bosnia Herzegovina is scattered with somewhere in the region of 3 million active land mines along confrontation lines from past battles with Yugoslavia. It is reported that 30 to 35 people are harmed by them every single month, the vast majority of whom are civilians.

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