Fair Trade Valentine’s Giveaway: Organic Chocolate & Coffee Pairing Gift Bag.


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This giveaway has ended.

The Equal Exchange store wants to give a lucky reader an Organic Chocolate & Coffee Pairing Gift Bag for Valentine’s Day! Equal Exchange was started with a small idea – what if food could be traded in a way that is honest and fair, a way that empowers both farmers and consumers? What if trade supported family farms that use organic methods, rather than industrialized agribusinesses that rely on harmful chemicals? And after 20 years, they trade directly with democratically organized small farmer cooperatives, pay producers a guaranteed minimum price that provides a stable source of income as well as improved social services, and support sustainable farming practices.

100% of their products are fairly traded, benefiting 39 small farmer cooperatives in 19 countries around the world. By purchasing Equal Exchange products, you are helping to reinforce the idea that business can be done in a fair, sustainable manner that benefits the producers and the sellers!

This gift bag includes a variety of organic coffee and chocolates and is packaged in a 100% Recycled Printed Bag. It’s perfect for a chocolate or coffee lover with 1 bag of Organic Love Buzz coffee, 1 bag of Organic Mind, Body & Soul coffee, 2 Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate Bars, 2 Organic Milk Chocolate Bars, and a coffee pairing instruction card. Valued at $34.95, this is a very cool giveaway for someone to give as a Valentine’s Day gift.

And if you don’t win, they have a bunch of other Fair Trade gifts you could pick up for your honey – better than just buying some random chocolates at the gas station on your way home! Their chocolate bars are on sale until February 14th and there is a free shipping code running as well. The code is “chocolatelove”. Free shipping is for UPS ground within the contingent USA only.

So…how can you enter to win this organic chocolate and coffee gift bag? Easy! Just follow these rules:

This giveaway has ended.

– The giveaway will be open until February 4, 2010 at 7am MST
– To enter, please leave a comment (with a valid email address, so we can contact you) as to who you may give this gift bag away to for Valentine’s Day
Only one entry per person. Period. Please don’t try to use different email addresses, etc, as the IP numbers will be checked.
– Entries must be from residents from the U.S.
– Gift bag will be sent directly from the company to a valid address via their choice of shippers
– 1 Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received

Good luck, and happy early Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Oh how I would love love love to win this. I would share with with my whole family. thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this!

  2. This would be a great gift to give to my husband as he can bring the coffee to work and then have a treat of chocolate after dinner.

  3. I have to admit that I’d be the one to drink the coffee. But my husband and I would share the chocolate since he now loves it as much as I do (I converted him).

  4. Rad! Want to share it with my brand spankin’ new husband. We both run Squid Ink Kollective together. And I make coffee every morning with a french press for him.

  5. I would quite likely keep it for myself, does it count as a gift for my unborn baby? But if I would certainly share it with another friend that is also preggers, both our due dates are at the end of this month! πŸ™‚ (so we’re both gonna be needing plenty of coffee…)

  6. I’m going on a trip with a bunch of single girls to wine taste for Valentine’s Day. Sharing chocolate could only make the weekend better.

  7. My husband and I use this brand regularly! I have a can of their baking cocoa and a hlaf bar of their dark chocolate mint bar in the cupboard. Fair Trade is the only way to go with chocolate…really. The folks who work so hard taking care of the groves really should be the ones to reap the benefits of all their hard work.
    I was so sorry to hear when Scharffenberger (out of San Fran) sold out to Hershey πŸ™
    Scharffenberger used to make every effort to get directly from the source. NOw…who knows. Hershey sucks.

  8. This would be perfect for my coffee-lovin’ environmentalist grad school fiancé. We just got engaged this past Christmas, and I am stumped for an “upgraded” Valentine’s gift.

  9. whoops! I should have said…I will definitely be giving this to my wonderful husband…he works his butt off and gets few rewards. He is a coffee & chocolate fiend, and only eats the fair trade chocolate.

  10. I’d have to give this to my coworkers to share for Valentine’s Day. Not only do we all need our coffee, but we have a tiny stash of chocolate that we keep on hand for emergencies. It’s been stressful lately though, so it’s been running a little low!

  11. What a great giveaway. Honestly, I would give it to my parents. (I am a good son and normally get my mom something too.) Ha. She loves chocolate and he loves coffee. So it’s perfect! *fingers crossed*

  12. I would definitely give this gift bag to my sweetheart for Valentine”ℒs Day — hopefully he’ll share πŸ™‚ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  13. I want to win so I can give it to my dear friend Noreen, who finished chemo treatments and got the all-clear just yesterday!

  14. I would give this basket to my husband – he’s in his last year of school and has been working so hard. The coffee could help keep him up when he’s studying late and he loves chocolate!

  15. I would give this to my co-workers because, while I do not drink coffee, they ALL love it….Yes, I just stick to hot chocolate!

  16. I would give this to my girlfriend who is a huge coffee and chocolate nut. Thanks for the chance


  17. Our local natural food store has their organic chocolate on sale next week and I was thinking of buying some. This gift bag would be perfect for me to give to my husband because he will share the chocolate with me! I’m a bit selfish when it comes to chocolate.

  18. I would give it to my DH–because he has been helping his cousin’s tax prep business after work–so he’s so exhausted he has no idea what day of the week it is. So on Valentine’s Day he will have forgotten to get me anything–I will give him the bag-and he can keep the coffee and give me the chocolate!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. I would love to spread organic love and coffee! I would have it sent to my brother and sis-in-law who are celebrating their 1st anniversary this week, his b-day on Valentine’s Day and hers on the 21st! This is definitely the month of love for them πŸ™‚

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