Faith Healing. Miracle or Myth?

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I was hesitant before starting on this article. I like to research thoroughly before I begin, to ensure that I can offer an objective view of the subject in question. I think it is safe to say that I have failed in this case, because the more I delved, the more cynical and in fact, angry, I became with faith healing. I will explain in detail, and of course am open to discussing the points brought forward below. A poll by Newsweek reported that 72% of Americans believe that praying to God can save someone, so I realise that my tendency to lean towards the idea that Faith Healing is a myth may not be popular.

What Is Faith Healing?

Faith healing is typically a ritualistic practice, where a sick or injured individual puts themselves in the hands of a healer, who channels God’s healing powers in order to alleviate their disease.

It can take place through communal prayer, laying on hands, speaking in tongues (holy spirit) or even in some cases, through the television. The idea is that divine intervention aids physical and spiritual healing.

Such healing through faith is said to have cured blindness, deafness, cancer, paralysis, injuries and much more. Jesus is even believed to have raised Lazurus from the grave after four days.

The individual requiring healing must put their faith in the grace of God the healer. They must accept that the process toward healing may appear illogical. Also that the healing may or not happen. Whether the outcome, it will be what God has designed.

If any be sick, call for the elders of the church, let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord ~ James 5:14

Faith healing is not to be confused with spiritual healing practices, or ‘energy’ healing such as Reiki. Faith healing means the miraculous, supernatural healing events, such as Jesus is said to have performed.believe

The Christian Perspective

Faith healing is a part of many religions across the Globe, and is often associated with Christianity. Christian Science is one particular arm of the religion that takes faith healing very seriously, and states that illness is merely an illusion caused by faulty beliefs.

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