FDA Finds Lead In Vitamins, Check The List For Your Brand.


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Thanks to Patricia over at Green Daily for finding this this morning – pretty interesting and just a tad disconcerting. Out of 324 vitamin products tested, only four did not contain lead, and here are the ten vitamins that could result in the greatest lead exposure for children age 0-6:

* Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Shake
* Superior Multi Age
* Nutraceutical Pedia Power
* Physio Kids Multilogics Chewable
* Ola Loa Kids
* Nature’s Plus Animal Parade
* Vita-Big-Kids
* Wonder Laboratories Formula Nineteen
* Clinicians Choice Chewable Daily Multivitamin
* Dynamic Health Multi for Children

Thank goodness we take vitamins to try to be healthy, only to find out we are swallowing small amounts of lead. Nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to what companies end up putting in our products…

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  1. While the maximum exposure for children under 6 is below the FDA’s tolerable intake level, it is above the Proposition 65 maximum level for lead as a reproductive toxicant by a factor of 5!

    smart mamas do it all naturally

  2. I hate when government agencies invent “acceptable” intake levels – it should be 0! But interesting that the levels are higher than Prop65…hmmm..thanks Jennifer.

  3. What is important to note is the age, primarily 0 to 6, of children who are regularly exposed to lead. Lead is in everything from air, to water, to paint, to soil and now vitamins. I’m glad this article was written as I recently wrote on my blog related to the severity of lead bellies that exist today.


  4. What is the acceptable level for arsenic in our healthy vitamins, drinking water etc, this is unacceptable, would you still buy vitamins if you knew there was lead in it? Can’t eat too much fish because of mercury. I look at the dust I clean off my furniture each week, I don’t smoke but I pray for my lungs every night. I could go on and on but you get what I mean.

    Do I see a solution in sight? No.


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