Find Earth Day 2008 Celebrations Near You And Some News To Go.

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Today marks the 38th anniversary of Earth Day, which started in 1970 to raise awareness of the issues surrounding our environment. Now that green has made it mainstream, this year’s celebration is sure to be big! If possible, try to attend an Earth Day event in your area and start this year off by not buying anything at all today – which is the is the most helpful to our environment above all else. If you are looking for something interesting to read or check out online today that won’t cost you a dime or use up any packaging, take a look at these items I gathered specifically for today:

My friend Paul over at Plug In America sent along an op-ed at the NY Times about the arrival of Peak Oil. This is a must read if you are at all concerned about the future of energy in this country. The last paragraph in the story is “The country has been living beyond its means,” said Vaclav Smil, a prominent energy expert at the University of Manitoba. “The situation is dire. We need to do relative sacrifices. But people don’t realize how dire the situation is.Check it out here.

The Environmental Working Group, who I turn to all the time for up-to-date info regarding health and environment issues, has started Pets For The Environment. They tested 60 dogs and cats for 70 different toxic chemicals and found that in many cases, pets are even more contaminated than people are. Considering rising rates of cancer in dogs and rampant hyperthyroidism in cats, that is cause for concern.

Diamonds Gone Green is an auction site for used engagement rings – with a twist. Heres a new way to go green by selling your diamonds and giving the profits to environmental causes.

To celebrate Earth Day today, is encouraging people to recycle their receipts and working towards eliminating receipts from American society. Anyone can mail in their receipts to, and they will shred and recycle them for any and all. If enough receipts are received by April 29, 2008 to save an entire tree (about 58 kilograms), then they will scan each receipt into a user’s account where they can access them online for free. Such a service usually costs $9.95 per month. And although I could not advocate ever paying for such a service that you could manage at home, if they get enough receipts sent in, your account would be free with this promotion.

According to the NY Times, the average young child in this country watches about four hours of television a day and each year sees tens of thousands of commercials, often for high-fat, high-sugar or high-salt snacks and foods; thousands of episodes of violence; and countless instances of alcohol use and inappropriate sexual activity. See more reasons why No Impact Man’s daughter still doesn’t watch TV and why we will be doing the same thing for as long as possible.

Hope everyone has a safe and green Earth Day 2008!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, David! We encourage you and everyone else reading the Good Human right now to go ahead and send their receipts in!

    Our address is:
    905 W. Main St., Suite 23-D
    Durham, NC 27701

    If you’d like to get your receipts scanned (free of charge), please include an email address and phone number where we can reach you.
    Feel free to email me any questions you might have, at: help at

    Go Green. Let’s Save the World!

    Julia Sullivan

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