10 Green Colleges

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Nowadays, many college students are making it a point to attend an environmentally friendly school. Fortunately for them, there are many colleges that have taken and continue to take steps towards becoming eco-friendly, or green. If you are thinking of attending a green college, these are some great choices to look into.

Arizona State University

Since this school is located in one of the sunniest and warmest regions of the nation, why not put all that sunshine to good use? Well, that’s exactly what ASU does. The college uses solar power for a big portion of its energy supply, which takes away much of the need for electricity. ASU has also installed low-flow sinks, toilets, and showers in many buildings to reduce water consumption, which is very important in such a dry area. Additionally, the school has started a program where much of the produce served on campus is grown on the premises.

Georgia Institute of Technology

One of the ways this school stays green is by utilizing their rooftop solar panel system, which is one of the world’s largest. The system has been in place for over 15 years, proving the fact that Georgia Tech has been dedicated to the environment for quite some time. The school also offers over 250 courses that focus on sustainability, which assures each and every student takes one before they graduate.

Harvard College

For a school that has long been known as one of the nation’s premier universities, it is no wonder Harvard has been taking many steps towards becoming eco-friendly. It has a wind turbine and solar panels in place, which are both great sources of renewable energy. The college also has an impressive composting rate of 100% for all of its landscaping waste.

Johns Hopkins University

This innovative school has its fair share of environmentally friendly practices in place. The vegetable oil used for cooking on campus is converted to fuel for the school’s power plant, which means less harmful emissions into the air. Additionally, Johns Hopkins prides itself on high levels of recycling. There is a map on the school’s website that helps students easily locate the closest recycling bin.

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