Five Electric Cars I Hope Succeed With Their Grand Plans.


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In a world with steeply declining oil supplies, the transportation wave of the future (that is, if we can get them built before the oil runs out) will be electric cars that are charged by solar panels. This bio-fuel and hydrogen nonsense aside, there are a few innovative companies going the all-electric route, and I believe it will pay off for them as developers of the technology. These are 5 of my favorite electric car companies and car models that we will be driving around in the near future. A battery-powered car that is charged up for free from the sun? I am sold.

The Aptera, which I wrote about back in June. Even Google is getting involved with this one, as they just gave them about $1.5 million in funding. The Aptera is what space-age cars are supposed to look like and they will be priced right at $26,000. They seat 2 people, have the full array of safety gear, and actually use a hybrid electric/gasoline engine to get about 250 MPG, which should placate the few people worried about electric-only cars.

The Tango from Commuter Cars. A 3-wheeled, 2-person, 4-seconds to 60 mph electric car. Since most of us travel alone in our cars, why move around all that extra metal and the 3 extra seats of a regular car? The Tango currently gets 80 miles per charge, but it looks like they are working on bumping that up to 150 miles. They have three different models, ranging in price from $18,700 all the way up to $108,000.

Tesla Motor’s all-electric sports car. 3.9 seconds to 60 mph, mileage the equivalent of 256 MPG, 220 miles per charge, top speed of 125 miles per hour. Do I really need to say more? If successful, this company can easily replace all sports-cars that run on fuel, as the performance mirrors any high-end car. The problem? While the car is available, it is currently priced at $109,000. I am not saying it is not worth it, but for them to be successful, they are going to have to A. bring the price down and B. introduce lower-end models.

Phoenix Motorcars’ SUV. The SUV is a four-passenger, zero-emission, all-electric SUV that can travel at freeway speed. It travels over 100 miles on a single 10-minute charge, has all the bells and whistles – power windows, fog lights, auto-tinting windows, air-conditioning – and goes 0-60 in under 10 seconds. What more could you ask for in an electric car! They are supposed to be available in 2010.

The GEM e4 car from Global Electric Motorcars. With seating for 4 for up to 30 miles, this $10,000 car is perfect for those who live in small towns, close to anything and everything they need to get to. (like us!) 4-wheel disc brakes, front independent suspension, and rack-and-pinion steering should make this a comfortable little in-town car. I used to see these being used by the real estate agents back in California, and they all looked comfortable and secure. And at that price, you really cannot beat the “no-gasoline” lifestyle.

What do you guys think of these cars? Do you have any favorites that I might not know about? Let me know!

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  1. I agree with your sentiment, but if there is anything I have learned from writing this site for over 2 years, it’s that people are not willing to give up their cars. So I think that we need to give them alternatives, for the time being at least, to the oil guzzling and polluting cars we have now. Thanks for the thoughts on this!

  2. It’s not a case that people are willing to give up their cars, many, many, many people can’t. Public transport is not in a good enough state outside of major cities to accomodate people’s needs. The basic truth is that there is no alternative. We use the car to get to work, to transport our sick to hospital, to fight crime. To do everything. Our whole way of life is designed around the fact you can travel 300miles a week with no problem…

    I applaud you for flagging up cars fueled by different means. It’s something that has to be done.

  3. Whilst the idea of “eco” cars is interesting, I do feel that there are far too many of us travelling “alone in our cars”. Oil, or the lack of it, is not the only problem with this – far too much of this planet is covered with tarmac. If an alien came to Earth, they could be forgiven for thinking that the cars were the highest form of life and that people were merely the servants of the cars. How about public transport – trains, trams, buses – bikes and feet. Or split the difference, a solar powered bike?

  4. Oil supplies are not steeply declining – demand is declining more rapidly and there are tons of oil that has been restricted by the Dems in order to jack up gas prices and profits. Cars like the Aptera are death traps, pure and simple. It was designed with three wheels for one and only one reason – to avoid federal safety and crash test requirements by classifying itself as a “motorcycle.” Does that thing look like a motorcycle to you? I hope all of you morons who are shilling this rolling coffin feel good when the first victims get squashed and the lawsuits start rolling in. Thanks, Google the Monpolistic corporation for funding a new way to reduce the population.

  5. Calling us all morons is the sure-fire way to get your IP banned from my site. If you disagree with everything I write, why do you read the site? See ya.

  6. Ah Thomas, we have been waiting for you. You always leave such optimistic and positive comments. When other readers notice your pattern, it’s quite bad. You are right, it is all the Democrats fault.

  7. Nice list. Though I like the GEM, it would be awfully nice it could be allowed to do 35 mph. I’m not sure if it works in your list since these are American companies but the Mitsubishi iMiEV shows lots of promise.

    Thanks for the lulz for banning the internet electric car troll, Kent Beuchert / Tom C Gray / Kerry Bradshaw etc.

  8. I forgot about the iMiEV, and it is one of my favorites. Thanks for reminding me – I was looking at American companies, but really the iMiEV might have more promise than 4 out of those 5 companies. Thanks!

  9. Hi Cori

    5 seaters…hmmm. I believe the Phoenix might be able to fit 5, but that’s the biggest I have seen. Don’t fret though, we are only at the beginning of this revolution and as we move forward, these cars will come in every shape and size!

  10. That is a great list. We’ve been seeing a lot of Smart Cars around here, but really, for the size, the gas mileage is not impressive.

  11. Thank you for banning “Thomas C Gray”‘. I believe he and his many aliases are paid commenters for the oil industry or GM. His baseless comments pollute every article that mentions EVs. I am an avid reader of all things EV, (and have an Aptera reservation #765). I run into these misinformation comments regularly enough to recognize the name. If you do a google search, you will see what I mean, as well as a list of his other known aliases.

  12. While I applaud those who buy NEVs to help save on fossil fuels and reduce one’s carbon footprint, having children in these vehicles as passengers worries me tremendously. A father of a young girl at my son’s elementary school drives her to and from school each day in a GEM e4, including on roads with speed limits above 35 mph (see CA motor vehicle code Low-speed vehicles: Prohibitions (Section 21260): (a) Except as provided in paragraph (1) of subdivision (b), or in an area where a neighborhood electric vehicle transportation plan has been adopted pursuant to Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 1963) of Division 2.3 of the Streets and Highways Code, the operator of a low-speed vehicle shall not operate the vehicle on any roadway with a speed limit in excess of 35 miles per hour.) I pray there never comes a day when another parent or other driver collides with them. There is absolutely zero protection if hit from the side.

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