Major Food Companies Agreeing Not To Use Monsanto GMO Corn


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Companies like Trader Joe’s and General Mills have already promised not to use it. Ten of the top national grocery stores are being asked to ban it. What is “it”? It is Monsanto’s genetically-modified sweet corn, which is not going to be labeled as genetically altered and has been created to tolerate Monsanto’s own Roundup herbicide. A coalition of food safety and environmental groups have gathered more than 250,000 signatures in support of the ban, all of whom have said they will not purchase products made with the altered corn.

“Consumers deserve to know what’s in their food, especially when there is a pesticide in every bite,” said Charles Margulis of the Center for Environmental Health. “This whole, unprocessed corn has been spliced with genes that produce a risky, untested insecticide. Parents should be informed when food on supermarket shelves has been genetically altered.”

Of course, savvy readers will remember that Monsanto has million-dollar ties to The Nature Conservancy and recently to the National Wildlife Federation, all in an effort to secure positive PR spin for their genetically-modified food. Seems like the strategy may be working, as there is little pushback from enviro groups against the march towards GMO foods from Monsanto.

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  1. ….and lets not forget that Montsanto also was the creator of rBST hormone treatment for cows to produce more milk. And that after years of altering our kid’s puberty process is being condemned coast to coast. Where is the FDA when we really need them.

    1. Who could forget? Monsanto is a really bad company, yet enviro groups don’t mind taking millions from them. Amazing, I know.

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