For My Birthday I Would Like A McMansion And A Hummer H1.


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Today marks my 36th year on this here planet earth and I have decided that since we only get to live once, I would like to buy a McMansion in a McSubdivision, buy myself a 11 MPG Hummer, get as many articles of clothing made by children in sweatshop factories in China somewhere, and I want to eat as many pesticide-covered pieces of fruit I can find. It’s my birthday and I am entitled to these things, right?


I think instead I will use my gift certificate from my brother for a new pair of Simple Shoes, made from hemp and organic cotton with PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate – recycled soda bottles) laces and pedbeds and an outsole made from old car tires. Have a great day everyone, I am headed out to the park today to try to relax a bit!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Bud! I hope your 36th year is your best and most vibrant yet, and that this day is just one amazing first day of it!

  2. Happy Birthday David!
    11 mpg, is that the hybrid version?
    LOL! GM is supposed to be coming out with a hybrid Hummer. Somehow those two words just don’t go together, sorta like watermelon and mustard. But if they can build a great big machine that gets 50 mpg…I might be interested, except that it will cost $95,000.

    Hope you have the best Birthday ever…and at least 100 more in the greatest of health!


  3. It might be Ron! I am thinking that after we finish our move to NM, I might pick up as our second car a big diesel pickup truck that I can run on used veggie oil – at least then I am not using “new” gas! That way we can have a big truck while not using gas…:-)

    Thanks Ron for your kind wishes

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