For The Readers: Free Exhibit Passes And Conference Discounts To Dwell On Design In Los Angeles.

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The 3rd Annual Dwell on Design Event is coming up in June at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and the magazine has been kind enough to offer free Exhibition tickets and $50 off coupons for the Conference, as well as a free 1 month digital issue to Dwell Magazine to the readers of The Good Human!

The Dwell on Design Event runs June 5-8 at the LA Convention Center, and includes an Exhibition of 200 exhibitors, a Speakers Conference of 50 speakers, and full size Sustainable Pre-Fab Neighborhood built on site, as well as 16 Home Tours of private green residences and evening parties at the Dwell Ford Brady and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Also, my favorite prefab designer is going to be there, Michelle Kaufman of Breezehouse fame. Very cool.

Here are the codes and links you need to get the free passes and the discounted Conference tickets, as well as the free digital issue of Dwell:

  • Registration Link
  • Free Ticket To the Dwell on Design Exhibition Code: BDODEC
  • Discounted Conference Ticket ($50 Off) Code: GRP22SP
  • Digital Issue of Dwell Magazine Link

I have been a reader of Dwell Magazine since it debuted, and I have not missed a single issue yet. If you are planning on attending Dwell on Design, let me know as I will be there as well one of the days!

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