Free Peak Oil Lecture Online Tomorrow – Tuesday October 2.

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If you are interested in learning more about Peak Oil and it’s consequences, you might want to check out this free online lecture from Steve Andrews, Co-Founder of the American Association for the Study of Peak Oil. The lecture is at 6pm Central time, so I guess that makes it 4pm Pacific Time and 5pm East Coast time. Right? Maybe. Either way, I am sure you can figure out what time that corresponds to where you live. Some info on the lecture:

“The Peak Oil Debate; How Close Are We?” Is oil production in decline worldwide? Are we about to run out of petroleum or will supplies remain plentiful for the next 100 years? Why do the forecasts about oil reserves vary so wildly? How do politics play into our energy future? Join Mr. Andrews and Dr. Peter Bishop, noted futurist and associate professor of Strategic Foresight, to learn more about Peak Oil and the possible ramifications to our global and local future.

Since I do not want to give out the email address here (spammers, you know) for the contact person, if you are interested in checking out the free lecture, leave a comment or email me and I will email you the info so you can log in to the lecture.

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  1. “I do not want to give out the email address here (spammers, you know)”

    You can give out email addresses that will not be grabbed by spammer bots, e.g.,

    “steve [dot] andrews [at] aspo-usa [dot] org”

    (It is not efficient for spammers to pay folks to collapse this into a usable email address.)

    No need to respond… 🙂

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