10 Surprising Free Ways That You Can Prepare For Any Disaster

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10 Free Ways To Prepare

Preparing for disaster doesn’t always mean that you have to spend ungodly amounts of money. Very often, there are free ways to prepare, and sometimes, the tools that you need are already lying around your house.

Planning and learning about disasters and how best to survive, is the most important part of the preparation process. While allocating some time to getting yourself mentally prepared for an emergency is important, there are some other free things that you can do. A large portion of preparation goes to recycling.

1. Recycle

You can prepare for disaster by recycling old tools and other junk that people might be trying to get rid of. Broken tools that someone might be trying to throw away can be fairly easily repaired for example and this will come in handy later on. Very often, recycling is simply about coming up with creative ways to use things in ways you never saw them before. In a disaster, you will most probably not have access to certain “luxuries” like toilet paper, cutlery and crockery. Recycling helps you look at items in new ways.

2. Get Fit

Getting in shape is important because you never know how much you might need to walk or run in a disaster. You don’t want to have sore muscles and be exhausted from walking distances you’re not used to. This is easy to prevent. You can prepare by maintaining your fitness. Go for walks around your neighborhood, walk the dog, go hiking, cycle. The possibilities are endless. You don’t need a gym membership for this!


3. Collect Tinder Material

It is not always easy to find tinder during a disaster. To ensure that you will have fire to keep you warm, bring light and cook your food, collect tinder materials such as dryer lint, moss from trees and shred old mail and newspapers.

4. Rain Barrels

You can collect rain water in clean plastic trash cans or food-grade barrels to survive during disaster. Very often, restaurants give away their food-grade barrels for free. All you have to do is speak to the manager and find out. We don’t need to explain how important (not to mention easy) it is to collect rain water. Water features in our everyday lives. Without it we are in an even bigger disaster! See how this also falls under the recycling category?

Growing your own food falls neatly into this category too….

5. Safe Room

You can create a safe room where you and your family will lay low during emergencies. Make sure that you have supplies such as food, towels and duct tape stored in the closet. You can make this room as comfortable as you feel necessary.

Many people actually suggest that during an emergency, it is best to stay at home. This is the place that you know and feel comfortable and if the family is ever separated, everyone knows how to get home to safety. Leaving the safety of your home can sometimes prove to be even more dangerous than staying put. Being out in the open with no shelter can leave you vulnerable, and you can become can easy target for all kinds of danger.

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