From The Good Human Archives – February.

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For new readers of The Good Human and for those of you who may have missed them the first time around, here are a few of my favorite articles from February of years past. With well over 1,300 articles on the site, it’s easy to miss some – I forget about some of them myself. Enjoy!

New Advertisements Pour Bleach On Children.

The Real Reasons Not To Worry About The Extra Expense Of Your Hybrid Car

On Climate Change: What Exactly Are We Waiting For, Anyway?

Placenta Anyone? What Could Be In The Makeup You Use”¦

What Is BTH And Why You Should Avoid It.

My New Patagonia Fleece Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles.

Biofuels Could Do More Harm Than Good, Says Nature Conservancy.

Ten Synthetic Ingredients To Avoid In The Products You Buy.

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