From The Good Human Archives – October 2007.

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For new readers of The Good Human and for those of you who may have missed them the first time around, here are a few of my favorite articles from a year ago this month. With well over 1,100 articles on the site, it’s easy to miss some – I forget about some of them myself. Enjoy!

What Is Geothermal Heating And Cooling? – In the simplest definition, geothermal heating and cooling is the use of the earth’s temperature to heat and cool your house. Pretty simple, no?

Why You Should Consider Using Natural Diapers Instead Of Disposables. – Did you know that almost 20 billion plastic diapers get thrown into landfills each year, and studies estimate that they each can take up to 500 years to decompose?

What Do All The Numbers Mean On Recyclable Packaging? – If you are like me, I am sure sometimes you wonder what all the different codes are on any recyclable material. It seems that every product has a different little number on the bottom!

Consider These Environmentally Friendly Alternatives To Bleach. – Chlorine bleach releases dioxin, furans and other organochlorines into the air, can cause sore throats, coughs, wheezing, shortness of breath, fluid in the lungs and studies have shown a relationship between dioxin exposure and cancer, birth defects, and developmental/reproductive disorders. Sounds like something you should be using to wash your clothes in, right?

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  1. Thanks for re-posting these, they’re such oldies-but-goodies! It’s funny that people still have to be reminded of these things, even though a year has passed since the original publication of the articles. But these touch on some of the most basic topics of the green movement, and are so integral to understanding why we should work harder to create sustainable systems.

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