Full List Of The Products I Use In My Own House, With Pictures.


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About 2 weeks ago I received an email from Sherry D., a new reader of The Good Human. (Welcome, Sherry!) She is a new convert to trying to live a greener lifestyle and asked me about what kind of products I use in my every day life. While they can vary from month to month, depending on what is on sale at either Whole Foods or Natural Grocers or if I feel like making something from scratch instead, I figured a photo essay of the products I use here at my house might be of some interest to a few other people too, as well as Sherry. So let’s take a look, shall we?


Dr. Bronner’s castile soap – used for body and hair

Tom’s of Maine deodorant

Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and floss

Preserve recycled plastic toothbrush

Yes to Carrots lip balm

Dr. Bronner’s hand soap


Method laundry soap

Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid

Seventh Generation dishwashing machine soap

Seventh Generation surface cleaner

Straight vinegar, also used for cleaning

Method floor cleaner

A drawer full of cotton rags. I have not bought a single roll of paper towels since November.

Well, there you have it – all the personal and household products I use in my own home. I do make my own cleaners a few times a year as well (I figured taking a picture of a spray bottle filled with clear liquid wouldn’t be that exciting though, so I left those out) and I also sometimes use bars of soap in the shower to avoid more plastic packaging. Could I do even better by making ALL of my own cleaning and personal care products? Yes, of course! However, a few of the known alternatives such as baking soda toothpaste & deodorant don’t work for me – so it’s the packaged stuff for now. The key is to try to do as best you can. So Sherry, I hope this helps point you in the direction of a few popular “green” products, and welcome to the club!

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  1. Personally, I like the smell of the floor cleaner – but smells don’t bother me. It is free of phthalates and uses some essential oils, so you might want to give it a shot. Its not that strong. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Long time lurker, my first time commenting here. I love Dr Bronner’s and Tom’s of Maine products. However I never liked the Method handwashes due to the strong artificial fragrance. Are their cleaning products better?

  3. I’m sorry you are so angry about the post. The idea is to encourage people who haven’t made the switch to try out alternatives.

    Oh, and all of those are bought at Target.

  4. Yes, of course – and I have written about that many times as well. But not everyone is willing to make their own; getting them to switch from Tide to 7th Gen would be a HUGE step to even start with.

  5. Awesome job showing us how much money you can spend at Whole Foods!
    I’m glad to see you doing your part and all, but all the things I do to help out the earth also help out my wallet. All of these cleaning products can be simply made using a handful of natural products that can all be purchased for the price of one fancy “natural” brand or are already in your pantry. For example, the ingredients used in making your own laundry detergent cost me less than a bottle of the dollar store brand and can make a whole years worth of detergent for my family. That’s just one example that saves me hundreds a year, as well as helps the planet. You also avoid buying plastic containers every time you run out by taking a few minutes to mix your own products- I reuse bottles the ingredients came in or store things in reusable glass jars (even if something is recycled it still took lots of energy to melt it down into a new bottle – in many cases more than it took to create the original). Plus, I’ve seen my local trash center dump the recycles right in with regular waste too many times, so I generally try to stick with the first 2 R’s of reduce, reuse, recycle when possible.
    Simply choosing a label that says natural or organic is nothing revolutionary and doesn’t require any extra efforts, just more cash. If you’re going to have a green blog, at least give some info. people don’t already know,not just a whole foods add.

  6. Oh, I’m not angry at all. I’m just pointing out that it’s very easy for anyone to go into just about any store these days and pick a label that says green or organic without even being sure that its any better. People are aware of these products and reviews are easily found, but often aren’t aware of how much simpler, cheaper, and greener it is to just whip up their own stuff – and much harder to find info on how to do it.

  7. Very true, and that’s how I started, but now I feel almost ripped off in a way that I didn’t know about the things I do now sooner. I would just like to help people who would enjoy making their own products like I do avoid the same thing because they think it’s to hard to make something, or that it won’t be as effective as store bought.

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