Furry Friends in Need

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As people make and break New Year’s resolutions and take down their Christmas decorations, animal shelters around the country are overflowing with unwanted pets.

January is a notoriously hectic time because this is when the novelty of the Christmas puppy or kitten wears off. People begin to realize that taking care of a pet is a much bigger responsibility than keeping fresh batteries in the new toys from Santa.

Precious Pups Rescue in Long Island, N.Y. is just one of countless shelters faced with this unsettling trend. In the sad aftermath of Christmas gift-giving gone awry, the shelter has taken in twenty discarded Chihuahuas, one of which was even found abandoned while it was wearing a pink dress, according to this article.

If you have been thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, January is a great time to visit your local shelter. Your timely adoption of an unwanted animal could easily save a life. Though no-kill shelters do exist, when they are at capacity, they must turn animals away. These animals will likely end up at overcrowded shelters that often must resort to euthanasia despite their best intentions.

adopt pets

Your new best friend is waiting for you. Visit petfinder.com to find animals in your area in need of forever homes.

And hey, maybe a frisky friend is the exact motivation you need to make good on your New Year’s resolution this year to get more exercise? Dog owners walk more and have lower blood pressure than people who don’t have dogs. It’s easy to skip the gym after work or let dust settle on the treadmill at home, but good luck telling those sweet puppy eyes that you are too tired for a walk. And having a dog around is also an excellent reason to keep that leftover holiday chocolate hidden away.

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  1. I urge people to really think about their actions regarding pets/holidays.The Easter rabbit thing is also very selfish and people do NO THINK about the animals needs, I mean really think about it. These are our fellow Earthlings and they are a responsibility for life in my opinion. It’s a life, not a product!

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