Gestapo suspends teacher for hanging foreign flags in classroom.

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What the hell is this country coming to? Seems that in Colorado, teachers are not allowed to hang foreign flags in their classroom unless they are directly related to something being taught. And even then, you can only hang foreign flags up for 6 weeks.

Gestapo anyone?

When I was growing up, we had the flags from around the world hanging in our classroom. They were everywhere..even if we werent discussing the country that week!

This teacher, Eric Hamlin, was removed from his classroom on day 2 of the school year for having the Chinese, Mexico and UN flags up. He refused to take them down, so the Principal of the school took him out of the classroom and suspended him.

Now to be fair, they reinstated him. But, who cares at this point? Mr. Hamlin is having second thoughts on returning to the school, and I dont blame him. My wife is a teacher and they have flags up in her classroom used for geography lessons. If she was ever suspended for having them up, she would probably retire from teaching forever.

What next? Textbooks that have references to Indonesia in them? Globes that show countries other than the U.S.? Pencils made in Canada? Where does it stop?

This country has gone haywire.

You can read the whole story here but be careful….you might get in trouble for reading a story about foreign flags.

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  1. I would quit before I would bow to that.

    I had a flag from Venezuela hanging in my classroom for years just because I had it. (And I taught social studies too…)I’m sure that would go over real well nowadays.

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