How To Get Rid Of Lice Fast And Easy

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It is what most parents dread hearing…..Your child has head lice!

It is an unpleasant thought, that there are bugs in the hair of your little one. Nobody wants a bunch of tiny parasites living on their scalp, sucking their blood and gripping onto the shafts of hair for dear life. But take heart, for one thing head lice do not carry any disease, and you may also be comforted to know that nits is not a sign of dirty hair either.

What Do Lice Look Like?

Head lice are tiny. They start out as nits, tiny white eggs that are cemented to the hair shaft, and they progress from minute nymphs to a fully grown louse. They are dark in colour and can move quickly.

How Do You Catch Head Lice?

Unfortunately it is very easy to catch head lice from another infected person, and that is why it can spread so rapidly around a school. Being physically close to a carrier during play or sport is the typical way that they spread, although lice can also be transferred via clothing, bedding and personal care items such as brushes.

What Are The Symptoms of Head Lice?

People that have head lice will typically scratch their head frequently. When you examine their scalp there will often be red bumps present, plus the tell-tale white eggs, and you may even spot the lice themselves.

How Can You Get Rid of Them?

There are a number of over the counter bottles you can purchase, but they typically include some form of chemical insecticide. TGH wants to give some suggestions of how you can quickly and easily eradicate the bugs, using natural remedies.

Before we get into that though I want to share a warning. Some pages offer solutions including coating hair in mayonnaise and wrapping the head for the night. Please test your child for allergies if you are using something that you haven’t exposed them to before. And of course, if you are thinking of wrapping their head for the night, choose your wrap very carefully. A plastic bag is certainly not the best option. Remember safety at all times.

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