Give Out Fair Trade Chocolates For Halloween.

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Did you know that the cocoa industry is one of the most child-labor intensive in the world? Me neither. Does it seem fair to give our kids candy that was made at the expense of some other kid making slave wages? No, not really. But it sure is eye-opening to learn about it! One thing we can all do is to buy Fair Trade Chocolate to give out this Halloween, which ensures that:

– International Labor Organization Conventions 29, 105 and 138 on child labor and forced labor are adhered to.

– The cocoa was bought directly from a democratically controlled cooperative of small scale farmers. This helps them to gain more control of their livelihoods and ensures farmers a higher percentage of cocoa export revenues.

– The cooperative was paid at least $1,950 per metric ton of organic cocoa. This is much higher than the world market price over the last two years. In 2000 the market price dropped as low as $640/ton.

It would seem rather irresponsible to buy cheap regular old candy made by kids under forced labor in some far away place to give to our kids for Halloween, no? I mean, a few extra bucks should be worth it…If interested, here are a few places where you can get Fair Trade (if not organic, too) chocolates:

Global Exchange Halloween Kits
Endangered Species ChocolateMy favorite, I love these…
Equal Exchange
Divine Chocolate
Ithaca Fine Chocolates
Global Exchange Online Store
Sweet Earth Chocolates

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  1. If your group REALLY wants to support Fair Trade and raise awareness about the continued problem of forced child labor on African cocoa farms then check out the Reverse Trick-or-Treating campaign at: site

    The core idea is to have children go house to house giving away pieces of Fair Trade chocolate (attached to an informational card) to the adults who come to the door.

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