Giveaway: DVD’s From The History Channel.


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Posting will be light this week as I will be away for most of the week, so please bear with me. Thanks!

The people over The History Channel were kind enough to send me two DVD’s to give away to you guys in honor of Earth Day…problem is is that I didn’t get them until after Earth Day so we are doing the giveaway today instead! These DVD’s are of shows that I have watched several times on the network, and I can vouch that they are both very good shows:

How The Earth Was Made – From a seething, hellish mass of molten rock to the inviting world that cradles life today, discover the cataclysmic events that set the stage for life. Based on recent findings by renowned scientists and filmed on location across the globe, HOW THE EARTH WAS MADE puts the “Gee!” in geology. Visit sites planet-wide where you can still see evidence of Earth’s birthing process. Meet scientists at the leading edge of discovery. Thrill to the awesome power and unimaginable time-scale of world formation.

A Global Warning? – The litany of disasters reads like the Apocalypse: melted ice caps, submerged coastal cities, prairies turned to deserts. Mass extinctions. This worst case scenario is not merely a prophecy or work of fiction. It is a very real possibility that may loom in our not too distant future. But how likely is this outcome, what will bring it about and can it be avoided? THE HISTORY CHANNEL® applies its renowned expertise and authority to the issue of global warming in this very special feature-length documentary. A GLOBAL WARNING? spans the globe , fourteen extreme locations in all , to survey the frontline of scientific research and climatic impact.

I think it’s very cool that the packaging for these DVD’s is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste material, which is a far cry from the way that DVD’s used to be packaged. Anyway, if you are interested in winning one of these DVD’s (I will choose one winner for each), just leave a comment below along with your preference and I will randomly pick 2 winners when I get back in town. I will notify you by email, so be sure to use a legitimate email address for your comment, and the contest ends on Saturday May 3rd at midnight. Good luck everyone!

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  1. I am a teacher and my middle school students would love to see these videos!

    Thank you for having such a generous giveaway.

  2. Dave,
    This DVD sounds pretty neat. Kind of funny that you didn’t get it until after Earth Day (either marketing ineptitude or marketing genius!). Thanks, hope you’re enjoying your time away.

  3. This sounds like a great giveaway. The History Channel is one of the few channels I bother to watch. Both DVD’s sound good, but if I have to pick one, it would be How the Earth Was Made.

  4. I am really pumped by the “How the Earth Was Made” DVD. This one would be awesome! Us geology nerds have to dust off and get indoors to watch TV sometimes!

  5. It’s encouraging that the packaging is made from recycled materials – hopefully we’ll start to see more and more DVDs this way. Both DVDs sound interesting, but I think I’d really enjoy “A Global Warning?”

  6. I’d love a copy of “How The Earth Was Made”. That sounds like something the significant other and I would totally love to learn more about.

  7. My son and I teach middle school science and geography. I also teach geography at the local community college. We both see several classes who would benefit especially from ” How The Earth Was Made.” We are always being contacted by other teachers for help with video materials so other classes may benefit as well. Thanks! RgN

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