Giveaway: Envirosax Kids Reusable Bags.

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This giveaway was closed in May 2008.

Posting will be light this week as I will be away for most of the week, so please bear with me. Thanks!

I have written about Envirosax before, and we still have our bag with us at all times. We keep it right in the car in case we stop to buy anything spur of the moment, making sure we can avoid the store’s plastic bags if we can! Well, the people over at Envirosax were kind enough to send along two of their new Kids line of reusable bags with the graphics shown here:


If you are interested in winning one of these Envirosax Reusable Bags for Kids, just leave a comment below along with why you think your kid should get one of these bags and which design you are interested in. I will notify you by email, so be sure to use a legitimate email address for your comment, and the contest ends on Tuesday May 6th at midnight. Good luck everyone!

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  1. Hi think they are great because they show the kids that it’s important to use reusable bags. If they take the habit of always carrying their little bag, they will never forget it when they get older and actually need to buy something! Most kids that I know love to do their part and carry some groceries, they could use the bag for that, or for carrying library books.

  2. My daughter loves carrying a bag with her and helping me with groceries so having a reusable bag like this would not only teach her being friendly with the environment but will encourage her to help out more when we are shopping. Of course, if I’m being completely honest, it’ll probably get used as a purse for her lipgloss 🙂

    The multiple dinosaurs one is so cute!

  3. I know my son would love the dinosaur envirosax. His mom and I are always teaching him the importance of the 3 Rs and about doing all he can to lessen his negative impact on the environment. When we go shopping, he almost always reminds us to grab the “greenie” bags from the trunk. I think having a specialized one of his own would make him super happy.

    Thanks for all you do! Great site!

    – P

  4. Hello, I think these bags are just the cutest. We always use our own reusuable bags when going shopping. I also use them to tote things around, sleepovers, etc. We use them daily. I have taught my kids(5) the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle. We practice this daily, I will definantly look into getting some of these for my kids to use. My kids would just love these. It is important that everyone teaches their children to use reusable bags, after all it is their life this will have an effect on.

  5. I would pick the pink pigs! This would be helpful in beginning to educate my 2 year old about the environment.

  6. I can’t pick between the two. My daughter would love the pink one, and my son would definitely love the dinosaurs!

    Kids are constantly needing to bring bags to various events – field day, last day of school before summer or Christmas…just last night they had to bring bags to their church group for an auction/party. Having a personal, reusable bag on hand for situations like that is a great way to teach kids about the environment.

  7. I lurve the dino design. Our little daughter could use it when she accompanies us to the grocery. I think she’d love to have her own special bag. We keep canvas bags in the car which we regularly take in when we shop, and not just for groceries, but at Target or other stores where we shop.

  8. My three-year old son would really enjoy the red dino bag. He loves to put things in bags, and this would allow him to use something more environmentally safe, and safer for him, then a plastic grocery bay. It would also be nice for him to have his own bag for when we go to the store and he gets to pick something out for himself. What a great way to teach him environmental awareness!

  9. Either of our daughters would love the pink piggy bags! They would carry their library books/groceries and other shopping in them. They also love to ‘shop’ in their play kitchen :).

  10. I don’t have kids, but I’m trying to lead by example for my nephews. I use any opportunity I can to teach them global values and virtues which he simply doesn’t get at home. let my brother call me a tree hugging hippie freak – i’m proud of it! of the two styles available, I’d have to go for dinosaurs for the boys, simply because they both LOVE dinosaurs!

  11. I’d love to win one! It’s so useful for kids to learn at a tender age on the importance of using reusable bags! Plus, with the cute designs Envirosax has, they definitely will want to lug their stuff in this! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win. I like the Jessie & Lulu and Baa Maa & Paa designs.

  12. These bags are wonderful! I would love to win one for the 3 year old. She always wants to carry her own things from the store or the library. We have recently started bringing our own bags to the store and she loves to help carry them. They are really too big for her to handle them well. This would be such a fun thing to give her so she can help with groceries and toting her books from the library.

    I love the Piggy in the Middle bags.

  13. Great looking bags. My kids would probably mostly play with them, but they’d enjoy having their own bags for when they go shopping. They don’t really like carrying plastic bags, and are too young to handle paper bags.

    As for style, either works. My daughter would go nuts for the pink, my son would love the dinosaurs.

  14. My daughter Avery would LOVE the pink bag! She is our family’s “Recycling Coordinator”

    She is very interested in environmental issues and would feel like such a big girl if she had her own reusable bag at the store. (The family’s bags are a little big for her!)

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  15. My daughter likes both dinosaurs and carrying her own bag. She is always interested in lugging our used shopping bags around and this would clearly separate her purchases from the rest of the group. What a way to raise an environmentalist and a concerned shopper!

  16. My 3 year old granddaughter would like the dinosaur bag. She loves to carry her own books at the library and when we go shopping.

  17. My kids would LOVE to use these bags to carry their “sleepover” clothes and such in when they go to grammie’s house!!! These would be perfect!!! Also…if we go shopping and buy something for the kids..they can learn how great it is to carry it out of the store in a reusable sack rather than a plastic bag.
    This would also be great for picnic lunches at the park or in our yard for the kids to carry out.
    Thanks soo much for this chance!!! have a great weekend! :o)

  18. We love both of those designs, the dinosaur one is our favorite, (the kids are viewing with me right now!) These bags are great because we’re making a habit of using reusable bags and the kids have been intrigued by this, so for them to remember to bring their own would really seal the deal. Thanks for all your great tips and info, it’s really helped educate us on all things green!

  19. We love both of those designs, the dinosaur one is our favorite, (the kids are viewing with me right now!) These bags are great because we’re making a habit of using reusable bags and the kids have been intrigued by this, so for them to remember to bring their own would really seal the deal. Thanks for all your great tips and info, it’s really helped educate us on all things green!

  20. It’s never too early to teach kids how to be “green”, and these cute bags would be a great way to start.

  21. My daughter would love to have the pink pigs bag. She is a big help when we head to store. Our favorite store, Natural Grocers has stopped stocking plastic bags. Yay!

  22. I’ve been doing some research on reusable bags and my kids have started getting involved. I am now answering questions about why we should recycle and try to not use up the Earth’s resources. My children are learning how to clean up the world and make it a better place to live. They love to help me shop and to feel as if they are doing their part. Teaching them now will save the Easth later. Your bags are geared toward a wide age range of children and both genders and are adorable.

  23. I like the dinosaur design. I would love to have one of these for my kids. My kids have taken to saying “I don’t need a bag, thanks!” whenever they get a little something at the grocery store.

    Thanks for a great site’s one of my favorites..

  24. My kids would be thrilled with either one! The Envirosax I use for shopping are a bit too big for my little ones to carry so these would be perfect. They love to help, and why not encourage eco-friendliness from the start?! My kids and I never leave the house without something we need to haul around and having their own special bag that they can carry would be a great help to me too.

  25. Awesome giveaway! My little girl would love one! We reuse our plastic shopping bags (i think the ones we have now, we’ve used at least 10 times now) and she already understands the concept. She’s love her own little bag. Any color would be great–we’re not big on pink but we’ll take any color. THanks!!

  26. I would love the dinosaur bag for my grandson. What a fabulous way to teach children about the environment – he understands the concept of recycling and the importance it plays to our every day life. Having his own bag would be useful and personally rewarding for him. What a fabulous contest this is.

  27. Envirosax are such a GREAT way to take a small step to protect the environment for OUR CHILDREN!! My kids LOVE my bags! They would be so proud to put “their” food from the store into their own bag. I would love either for my son or my daughter OF COURSE either way I’m going to have to buy the other child one. Plastic bags are SOOO not welcome in our home~ I don’t even use them for dog poo anymore. I am doing the doggie dooley! 😉

    Good Luck to me…wait good luck to M and T!

  28. I would love to use these bags in my classroom to motivate my second grade students to be just a bit “greener”. I would use bags as rewards for children who did something kind for our enviornment. As a second grade teacher, I know that seeds planted early often grow into life long commitments. This means that as much as I would love one (of any design) more than one would be even better. Thanks. Cindy Goldberg

  29. I am in the process of making sure my son understands how he impacts the world he lives in. At 10 years old he is curious and ready to learn through experience.The kid green bag will help me emphasize the small things he can do to be environmentally friendly

  30. Although i don’thave kids, my furbabies love to be green. This would be a great reusable travel item. Teaching everyone that not only humans can be/ GO GREEN.

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