Giveaway: Two Eco-Travel Sets From Milkweed Mercantile.


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This giveaway has ended. Look for more giveaways in 2009! This time it is for one of two Eco-Travel Sets from the Milkweed Mercantile at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. Last September I posted a short video about Dancing Rabbit, for those of you who may have missed it. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Alline Anderson from the Milkweed Mercantile, who offered two of these great sets to giveaway to you guys! One of the sets contains a 27oz Klean Kanteen in orange with a Bamboo Flatware kit and napkin in coordinating Sock Monkey fabric (retail value $38), and the other is a 27oz Klean Kanteen in stainless steel and a Bamboo Flatware kit and napkin in Black & White prints (retail value $39). Now that’s a pretty cool giveaway! Details on entering are at the bottom of this post.

The Milkweed Mercantile at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is housed in a spacious two-story solar & wind powered strawbale building, which showcases green living and provides a livelihood to artisans, craftspeople, writers, organic gardeners, and cooks in the community. (I wish I was closer so I could visit in person. Either than or we need one of these here in Taos!) Opening in late December, there is also an Eco Inn, which is an entirely “green” alternative to a traditional B&B and is completely constructed of reclaimed, recycled or sustainable materials, and an Organic Cafe that will serve only fresh and local food. These guys really have their eco-credibility in place, and I wish more companies walked the walk like this. Their goal is not to get rich – it is simply to support ourselves in a way that is sustainable and in alignment with their values. If you live near or are ever near them in Rutledge, MO, you really should stop by and say hi. And if you are not, feel free to shoot Alline an email and say hi or ask any questions – she is more than happy to try to help people learn more about the Milkweed Mercantile or the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage itself.

Now, for the details on the giveaway. Well, it starts right now and closes Wednesday, December 17th at 9am MST. I will announce the winners and ship the items later that day if possible. You must not have won something in the last 30 days here on The Good Human, and winners must be US residents. One entry per person, which will be confirmed by IP stats. So how do you enter? Simple – leave a comment in this post telling me why you think you should win one of these two eco travel sets! Winners will be chosen at random and contacted immediately by email, so please be sure to leave a working email for me to get in touch with you. Good luck, and thanks again to Alline from The Milkweed Mercantile at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage for providing these great giveaway items! This giveaway has ended.

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  1. What a GREAT travel set! Why should I win? Hmmm…well, love this blog for one thing. And I don’t have a good travel water bottle, for another. This would save me buying a bottled drink when traveling.

  2. Why should I win? Because everybody wins with these sets!! Can’t imagine the environmental impact if these were used by all. Water is my drink of choice, and although better than plastic, my current choice is not the best one. I would love to win one of these sets!! Thanks for offering this, and for a wonderful site~Have a great day!

  3. Gic – I understand that, but shipping costs are very prohibitive for me right now, as these are being shipped from my house. My apologies, and I will do my best to start including European readers in 2009 on these!

  4. I would LOVE to win one of these sets–just hate all the waste of plastic bottles and utensils, and really do my best not to use them. A friend at work was just showing off her new Klean Kanteen about an hour ago and we were all admiring it! I was wondering where to find one. . .and lo and behold here is a chance to win one!–I think it’s a sign that I should be a winner. Besides, I always loved sock monkeys as a kid! Cheers and luck to all!

  5. I would love to win either of these, but specifically, the bamboo flatwear. I wanted to get my sister one of these for christmas, but haven’t had the time or cash to find one as of yet. It sure would make it easier to finish my gifting for the holidays. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  6. WOW!! How cool are these travel sets. I would love to win one because if I did I would give the travel set to family member who is trying to go green or possibly a friend. I love being able to help others in their green walk because I know it is not always easy and if I can help in any way, I will. My family and friends mean the world to me, so to give back in a green way not only benefits them and myself, but the earth that we all live in. Thank you!!

  7. I would love to win these items. While I personally already own both, I would like to give them to my boyfriend’s teenage son to take to school with him, so he doesn’t have to use the plastic utencils and water bottles they provide at his school. He would influence countless others in this way!

  8. This is a great giveaway and I would love to win because I am on the road constantly and I want to avoi purchasing beverages in plastic containers as much as possible! I should win the Bamboo flatware kit because my children would use these utensils at school (and they would be so handy to pack in the lunchbag!)

  9. I travel for my job and would be able to use a travel set. I share your values and wish to be eco-aware in my travel habits.

  10. These would be great to send with my girls to use in their lunch bags, we already pack the lunches in reusable lunch totes and the sandwiches and snacks in containers to cut down on the amount of lunch time waste at their school.

  11. I would love to win one of these sets. I’ve been wanting a bamboo flatware kit but haven’t been able to justify buying one. I hate using disposable utensils at restaurants and would love to have a kit I could carry with me all the time.

  12. This giveaway is great. I would definitely love to win it – to share them with my sister – she is expecting and trying to eat healthier and drink more fluids.

  13. Wow, I’d love to win this. I try not to buy bottled water, but sometimes it’s just too convenient. The Klean Kanteens would really help me in staying away from it.

  14. I spend a lot of time in the on-campus eateries at my college. The problem is that a few of them only have disposable silverware – they don’t have any dish service at all! I try to remember to bring my own flatware with me, but I don’t always know when I’m going to end up eating in which eateries. I would love to have some travel flatware to keep in my purse!

  15. I’ll win because I was supposed to win the last one for my girlfriend for Christmas. Now we each could have one! Whoo hoo!

  16. I would love to win these and give them to my mom as a gift! They always wants to carry around her own tea with her and the canteens would be perfect!


  17. I would be happy to win one of these sets. It would be like receiving an early holiday gift. Thanks for providing such great tips on simple living everyday.

  18. I’d like to win because my daughter and I could each use a reusable bottle in the car. (We always forget our house ones in the house.)

  19. I already use a klean Kanteen and a bamboo silverware set myself. If I win this giveaway, I would give these as gifts to help get my family excited about making positive changes for the environment.

  20. I’m at university and live in a dorm, and we’re short on diningware. I also lost my Klean Kanteen a few months ago and have been missing it ever since! That’s why I’d really love one of these bottle-and-bambooware sets.

  21. I would love to win one for my husband, his job requires he knock doors in Florida in the heat; going through too many plastic water bottles, though we do recycle them. Thank you for the contest.

  22. These sets would make such great earth friendly Christmas gifts! I would love to win one of these bottles for my brother who is still using an old plastic water bottles everyday. And the flat wear set would be perfect for my little niece to use in her lunchbox. Good luck to everyone!

  23. I take my lunch to work almost every day, and this would be great, since there is nowhere to fill up a water glass in my office. Thanks.

  24. I should win because I still need something that other people at work will not say is just a dirty old plastic bottle. Plus since there are two of them, my fiancee can have the other.

  25. I should win because ANYone should win this. This set is the first step in changing your consumption of disposables while going BPA-free.

  26. I used to use a large (3L) plastic jug to take water to school. But somehow I managed to lose it. While shopping around for a new bottle I found a post on this site about water bottle health concerns. I would like to have a reusable container that won’t kill me in the long run 🙂

  27. I travel so often and I would absolutely love to stop using disposable bottles and have something more sustainable.

  28. My water bottles STINK! And unfortunately this is not something at the top of my list to buy for myself, since it’s present buying time. These would be perfect for my lifestyle.

  29. I think I should win because I have made tremendous strides in 2008 in getting my husband four kids to go Green. I have also given reusable shopping bags to my parents and siblings. Pick me. I’d love to win.

  30. I should because…well I reallllly want a reusable and washable larger portable bottle… However I’m broke! I have been coveting one of these for a couple of years. Thanks!

  31. I would love to win one of these sets because I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and eating on the go lately, and the bamboo flatware kit would be so convenient and eco-friendly.

  32. Despite the e-mail address, I live in California. I’d like to win so that I can donate these to our school auction. I live in an area that isn’t very environmentally aware & am trying to change that. School lunches are pretty terrible, so this would be a great incentive for someone to pack their own.

  33. Wow – what great giveaways! I would love the flatware because I’m always washing my plastic utensils at work. The water bottles would be great as well – no plastic to carry!

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