Glad Microwave Cooking Bags – Is This Really A Good Idea?


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I just saw an ad on TV for some bags from Glad that you can use in the microwave to steam your vegetables. Is this a good idea? Really? Putting food you are going to eat into a plastic bag and radiating it in the microwave does not sound like something I am very interested in, thank you.

According to the Glad website, you should not use any of their other plastic bags in the microwave:

Is it safe to microwave foods that are in a GLAD Food Storage Bag?
We do not recommend microwaving foods in a GLAD Food Storage Bag.

But yet I am supposed to believe that this “new” bag is safe for use in the nuker. Why in the world would I want to put my food in plastic and heat it up? Not only that, but steaming vegetables opens them up, allowing even more “stuff” to be absorbed into them. Yum.

And in the category of what could possibly be the worst part – These are one time use only, throw away after use bags. Perfect. More junk to fill up the landfill. Another product for the throwaway society. I got my steamer for about $2.00 and we can use it over and over again. Nothing goes in the landfill when I steam my veggies! I get the veggies from the farmers market (bringing my own bag)….I put them in the reusable steamer in the reusable pot of water…I eat them. No waste!

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  1. The technical difference is that “microwavable” plastic wrap (etc) has pores. I suppose in theory that allows heat and steam to escape and keeps it from melting?

    I’m with you though. Yuck.

  2. I saw this too. Besides all of the reasons you mentioned, it’s not even anything that anyone particularly needs. What could be easier than steaming vegetables, in the microwave or on the stovetop? You can even do it in a regular old bowl — just add a small amount of water and cover with your microwave cover. I am getting really tired of companies marketing more and more specialty-use things that we don’t even need and convincing people that they can’t do something as simple as steam vegetables unless they have some sort of special equipment. Sheesh.

  3. I’m with you. I’m concerned about the chemicals that can leach into my food from “disposable” food containers. The best thing to use is the new stuff made from the Polycarbonate. No chemicals to leak out and extremely strong. In fact, it’s the same type of plastic used for bullet-proof glass. You should check it out.

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