GM Unveils The Volt, Their Plug-in/Gasoline Hybrid.


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GM’s new electric/gasoline hybrid, the Volt, has been formally revealed after spy shots started hitting the internet a few weeks back. And while it may save you money on gas, don’t expect it to be affordable; some estimates have it priced in the $40K-$50K range.

While I think it is a move in the right direction, I don’t think it is enough and I imagine manufacturers could do better if they were forced to. This car can go a maximum of 40 miles on electric power before needing to switch to it’s regular old electric motor – but remember, GM had an all-electric car 12 years ago that worked just fine. They don’t expect to make any profit on this car (“For most of our (Generation) 1 technologies, I don’t know that I have ever seen a situation where we make money,” ), but I hope it helps speed development of new technology. Since this car is not due to hit showrooms until 2010, I am afraid other companies will already be ahead of the curve come 2 years from now. What do you guys think?

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  1. I would agree with your post above. I actually was looking into electric hybrid cars or anything else for that matter that was somewhat stylish yet eco-friendly (which brought me to the Chevy Volt & Tesla–some hope?). Unfortunately, pricing for these cars will remain high for now until it becomes the norm among consumers who demand a change. But I almost want to wait until 2010 to see what other developments occur with cars as I feel Chevy will be behind the curve with their release by then due to some other car company releasing a greater, better car…which makes me think that other consumers are in the same thoughtframe– which means for now…the consumer demand is not yet that high to demand new developments at a faster pace.

  2. i would agree. the volt rocks, but it might be too little too late. we need bolder moves and quicker adaptation from consumers. the market is hungry now for the volt and its a shame that it will take 2 more years to have it at the dealer (and only 1000 or so first released!)

    however, people also need to take responsibility and figure out how to reduce their footprint with their driving habits, how often they drive, and how they choose to get around… we started a website to gather ideas on how to green anything… including your transportation!

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