Going Back To The Corded Phone To Save Energy.


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Hear me out on this one. (Ha! No pun intended. Really.) Most homes now have several cordless phones throughout the house, all using energy 24/7 in order to charge their batteries. I am willing to bet that most of these phones do not get used too often – they just sit there in their cradles sucking electricity. Would it be possible to go back to using corded phones throughout the house in the lower traffic locations while keeping cordless ones in the places that are used more often? I am thinking that the answer is yes!

We have 3 cordless telephones in our apartment – one in the living room, one in my home office, and one in our bedroom. The only place I imagine I would necessarily need a cordless version would be in the living room, as in my office I am normally sitting by it anyway and the one in our bedroom barely gets used. So I imagine that cutting down to just one “plugged-in” phone would save a little energy. We have learned to put our stuff on power strips because electronics left on standby use a considerable amount of energy, so we probably shouldn’t have phones plugged in that we rarely use. I guess a trip to the Goodwill Store is in order to try to find some cheap old corded phones!

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  1. I also forgot to mention that at least they might still work if the power goes out! Thanks for the comment Stephanie!

  2. My husband and I have a rotary phone that we still use, especially when the power goes out. My 20 year old niece found it in a spare bedroom one day and asked me what it was. Then she asked if it still worked. Then she asked how in the world to you dial it. After I told her, she said that was crazy. It would take forever to dial a phone number. I just laughted. I actually like it and it is clearer than my cordless.

  3. We finally just ditched the land line completely and use cell phones only.

    But I would love to see one of the old-timey phones too! My kids have no idea what they are.

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