Going to the Cloud to Go Green

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Environmental friendliness is achieved through simple changes; installing motion sensor lights and low-flow toilets, placing recycling bins next to trash cans, and using less paper. Out of the many ways that you, your family, your friends, and your company or organization can ‘go green’, the most cost efficient and easiest road to take is going to the cloud.

We’re not talking about new, electrically-powered commercial planes or finally discovering the technology to fly amongst clouds with an umbrella in a Mary Poppins fashion; Google introduced their cloud computing platform in 2006 and the idea is still taking off today.

Going to the Cloud with Google means adopting Google Apps. This cloud computing platform enables both individuals and groups to have mobile access to e-mails, calendars, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more.

If you thought that the advent of internet and email was going to make going paperless a reality – here you will learn that those two happenings were merely laying the groundwork for the technology that we have today. The ability to share documents seamlessly, in real time with other people and access information from anywhere you can find wifi makes the concept of e-mailing a document to be proofread, having it be resent back to you, reread again, and eventually be printed out (and possibly have to be reprinted due to finding last minute errors) seem as ancient as writing messages on cave walls with the hope that somebody will one day get the message.


In addition to having the ability to effortlessly collaborate, cloud computing services also enable consistency. Anyone with access to the information that you choose to put in the cloud is seeing exactly what you are seeing at that moment, as you are editing – certainly could not achieve that on a piece of paper! Some people might rebuttal that a piece of paper is a lot easier to keep safe than sending information to the mythical cloud. To those people: storing information in the cloud is becoming safer everyday. Google is constantly updating and improving security options; Google Apps security ensures that your information is consistently backed up, that you own and control your data, and that strong encryption and authentication will be in place. If you choose to setup Google Apps, those basic security measures are a guarantee and can be put in place for you by a cloud service provider. Of course, if you require additional security services, such as internal security (i.e. DomainWatch, which gives an administrator control over what is being shared in their domain), most providers sell packages to meet your specific needs.

The need for a fast, efficient, and collaborative method for managing and executing both business and personal tasks has always existed – finally, technology is beginning to meet that need. However, moving all of your information to the cloud is no easy feat and can seem daunting to even those poster-child-dreamers of a totally paperless world. Fortunately for those with the dream but without the means, there are Google Apps migration specialists that can handle all of the dirty work and leave you with a clean, sustainable result.

Cloud service platforms are applicable for any range of organizations; government, education, business, non-profit, and more. Most importantly, however, it is necessary for those people who aim to be both environmentally and fiscally responsible global citizens. Going green has never been easier or more on track with future trends; if going green has ever been a goal for you, going to the cloud is a change that it’s time for you to make.

Cloud computing concept from BigStock.

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