Good Human Links for Friday the 13th.

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Today is Friday the 13th, and every news channel has decided to run stories about walking under ladders, crossing paths with a black cat, and other assorted “scary” things we do every day.

But here, I have decided to assemble a few links for you to enjoy that could be more newsworthy.

First off, Tainted Food Scares Prompting More Consumers to Turn to Local Growers, Farmers Markets. This is great and I hope more and more people get their veggies this way. (Not tainted, but rather from the Farmers Market..oh, you know.)

Next, my hometown of Boston has begun experimenting with solar parking meters. ‘Tis about time, every city should have these and only these.

And lastly, from UnpluggedLiving, who found a guy from down under who converted a chest freezer into a fridge that consumes only 0.1kw a day Where can I sign up? Good find!

Thats it for me today on this oh so scary Friday the 13th. We have friends visiting from out of town along with their new-ish 15 month old, so we have an exciting weekend coming up around here.

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