Good Human Tip Of The Week – Avoid Plastic-Wrapped Food.

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When buying food at the grocery store, try to buy as much of it as possible that is wrapped in paper, aluminum, or glass rather than plastic. Most plastic wrap just gets thrown in the trash while paper, aluminum and glass are more likely to be reused or recycled!

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  1. Hi David,
    I want to ask a question, sort of relates to plastic-wrapped food. What is a good alternative to the plastic produce bags? I buy things like spinach and broccoli at the grocery store, and then need to put them in a bag that protects. String, mesh bags are fine for things like apples or tomatoes. But a broccoli would get all over the place with something like that.
    Oh, and it needs to be very light, too, I pay for those veggies by weight.
    And a good alternative to trash bags as well, do you please know of anything? Appreciate it!

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