Good Human Tip Of The Week – Buy Washable Sponges.


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I’m sure most people buy those cheap little sponges that you throw away after a week or 2 of use, but I wanted to let you in on a little secret: You can buy sponges that last a real long time and are washable! We bought 4 of them a while back and we rotate them in our kitchen. When they need to get washed you do have to make sure you use hot water to get all the stuff out of them, but when they come out of the wash they are good as new.

Of course, you can always use dishrags as well…but I am not a fan of cleaning dishes with rags. So it’s washable sponges for us!

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  1. Can you link to the ones you buy? Are they easy to find? I don’t think I’ve ever noticed them in a store before!

    Thanks for a great blog 🙂

  2. I do buy the cheap scrubbing sponges but make sure that I take care of them and also nuke them to keep the microbe count down. They last quite a while but I too would be interested in a link to the ones that you use.

  3. I also use the cheap ones, I would say they last at least a couple of months. That is also from nuking them like Summer.

    I would also like a link and/or picture. Thanks

  4. Hey guys, I would love to tell you the brand, but since we bought this latest batch last year sometime, it’s hard to remember. I know we got them at Target and they came in a multipack. They are normal size sponges , pink on one side and a rougher surface with little designs on the other. I added a scan of one to the post above. Hope that helps! I just throw them in the wash with our towels and such and they keep on working.

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