Good Human Tip Of The Week – Reduce Your Waste.

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Have you ever noticed how much paper and plastic comes with the stuff that you buy? What a waste! In order to cut down the waste that comes into your house when you make purchases, try the following tips:

– Choose products with the minimum amount of packaging. If you have a choice between two products that do the same thing, pick the one with less “wrapping”.

– Buy your fruits and veggies loose (like from the Farmer’s Market) rather than in bags or packaging.

– When looking for lunches for your children, try to avoid those pre-packaged lunches and snacks. Instead, buy those things in bulk and pack their lunch in a reusable container.

– Look for packaging that is recyclable in your community.

– Try wrapping presents in newspaper or other creative ways. Wrapping paper is a huge waste product in this country! We use bags over and over again each time we give each other gifts…so there is never any waste from our gifts.

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