Good Human Tip Of The Week – Shop Locally Owned Businesses.


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If at all possible, it is much better for the members of a community to shop at locally-owned businesses, as it helps keep small shop owners from going under against big box stores and it helps to keep your money in your own community. Living in a big city such as L.A. makes it hard sometimes, but I found a great website called Delocator that enables you to search by zip code for locally-owned businesses near you. From the site:

The mission of is to assist the public in finding and supporting independently owned businesses. The database is created by public participants. Your input and collaboration is essential in creating an online resource for café goers, bookstore shoppers, and movie buffs who wish to invest in locally owned businesses. Use to find a café, bookstore, or movie theatre that is not owned by a public corporation. By comparison of quantity and user-created information, users will be able to make an informed decision about spending a buck (or eight) on a cup of joe, a new book, or an afternoon at the movies.

Unfortunately, there are some corporate chains that made it in to the list, but that is what happens with a community-driven site. But check it out to see if it can help you find a small locally-owned business near you that you can support! – Delocator

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  1. This is a great idea! We live in a small community, Milton, just outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada which is now the fastest growing municipality in Canada. It has grown over 70% in less than 10 years. Naturally this has led to an influx of box stores to what was once a community driven by privately owned businesses. Since my fiance and I are both from small towns, we try to shop at locally owned stores as much as possible. Occasionally that means spending a few more dollars, but in most cases I don’t mind doing this. I’m not sure if there is a Canadian equivalent to, but I plan to look into this, it might be something worth getting going in Canada as well.

    Thanks for another stimulating post GH…


  2. Folks is total crap, the search feature basically does not work. I live in Plano TX which has many chain businesses and many local independent businesess as well. Plano is a suburb of Dallas with over a 1/4 million people. Any site that is trying to promote driving business away from the likes of Starbucks has little chance of long term success. People need to stop picking on Starbucks. They provide a consistent product across all locations and at least it’s made fresh. They don’t claim to be the best and god knows they are not, but If were to try and open a coffee shop in Plano I would be laughed out of the bank.

  3. Jaime – It’s not crap – it works perfectly fine for my community. Plano only has 250,000 people, and this is a community driven site. With that few a people, it’s no wonder the site doesn’t work.

    Starbucks is a giant chain that sends money out of communities while local stores keep money in the community – it’s a no brainer.

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