Government Has A List Of Every Prescription You Have Ever Taken.

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And it is tied to your name. How does that make you feel? Of course, the DEA monitors what prescriptions are given out and when they were prescribed, but I always thought that the information was deleted after a certain amount of time. Well, we have learned otherwise because of the terrible tragedy that befell Virginia Tech yesterday. Seems the “suspect” in the shootings” might have had a history of anti-depressant use, but the government could not find any information to back that up in its database.

They keep a database on what you have taken, when you have taken it and what it was for? I never knew. And what do you think this could be used for in the future? I don’t want to know…I learn something new every day.

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  1. I read this and thought I must be seriously out of the loop not to know about this because I’m a pharmacy tech. So, I did some checking. ABC made it sound like there is some national system set up by the DEA which tracks all our prescriptions – that is false and can be found by looking on DEA’s web site.

    There are some Prescription Monitoring Programs set up at the state level – but it’s not in all states – it isn’t in my state of Minnesota. Also, it’s mostly used for CII-CIV (controlled substances). Vermont does have a system and they only track controlled substances. I can’t recall a single anti-depressant that is controlled. There are quite a few of anti-anxiety meds and people often (I think) get them confused.

  2. Thanks for the info Kellie. Although you are probably right because you are “in the loop”, I bet the govt has a complete list somewhere.

    And the day I believe the DEA’s website…..well, you know 🙂

    If you ever find out more, would love to hear about it!

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