Government Regulation, or The Lack of People Doing the Right Thing

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Now that election season is in full swing, we are again hearing the yelps from certain political parties about government regulations and how there shouldn’t be any. Between crying that regulations violate some made-up constitutional rights or are preventing businesses from making money, it’s hard to get a word in edge-wise with folks who complain about a government infringing on personal rights while they are holding signs opposing gay marriage laws.

Just for the record, let me state this: I too am against state or federal government regulations when they impose on people’s personal lives. I don’t want the state involved in every aspect of my life. But I am not against government regulations when they are for the common good or are beneficial to most everyone residing in a civilized society.

See, a lot of regulations are put in place solely because we as a human race can’t do the right thing on our own; we have to be told and forced to do it. This has been on my mind recently after reading about a device being developed that could jam the cellphone signal of a person driving a car but not that of any passengers. I think this is a wonderful idea and I mentioned it on Twitter, only to be told I was “destroying freedom” by supporting regulations limiting the use of a phone while driving.

I’m not kidding. This really happened.

Let’s talk about cellphones and texting while driving. Regulations, for the most part, are put in place to protect us, not to take away rights and “freedom.” If it’s made impossible to text while driving, that means that the next time I cross my road I won’t have to worry about some 21 year old kid nearly running me over because he was looking down at his phone. This happens almost daily in my neighborhood and I venture that if you live in a city it happens in yours too. Would taking away the “freedom” of texting while driving be such a bad thing if it saves the lives of others? I don’t think so.

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