Great Article On Why CFL Bulbs Are Better At Green Options.

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I just came across this great article over at Green Options that does a great job of explaining why CFL bulbs are WAAAY better thank regular old light bulbs. From the article:

How CFLs save money and global warming pollution

Turning on a light taps electricity from your local utility. About half our electricity comes from coal-burning power plants and another 20 percent comes from from natural gas, so powering things on generally means spewing lots of heat-trapping pollution. These greenhouse gases drive climate change. So using less electricity means less global warming pollution, and lower electricity bills.

How much savings CFLs rack up

Crunching the numbers is eye-opening. Let’s compare a 25-watt CFL costing $3 (a good average price) to a 60-cent, 75-watt IC.

Now, let’s turn on both our 10,000-hour CFL and our 750-hour IC bulb at 12:01 a.m. on January 1 and keep them running 24/7 for a year. On December 31, our CFL has racked up extraordinary savings in cash and pollution.

They have a chart up that compares the two bulbs side by side and it is a very interesting read. Green Options also has a ton of other great info, so be sure to check it out!

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