Great Way To Avoid Buying Conflict Diamonds.


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The diamond industry is one incredibly dirty business. Since most of the time one has no way of knowing just where a diamond was mined, it’s very difficult to buy ones that aren’t surrounded by death, destruction, human rights abuses, and crime. For example, this article in the Times Online pointed out that every day millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds leave Zimbabwe from the world’s richest diamond field, but none of that money reaches the country’s desperate poor…and often instead leaves them tortured and/or dead. Is this really what we should be putting on each others’ fingers in a display of love and affection? Probably not, but most of us do. I did as well, back when I bought my then wife a diamond ring. You live and you learn, so they say. Well, I just found out about a woman who owns an Etsy shop selling sterling silver jewelry – and some of it is even beautifully cut just like diamonds are. Marketed as “gemstones sculpted from sterling silver called Modern Rocks“, the Metalicious shop has some cool stuff in it, including rings that look just as nice as a shiny conflict diamond does… but without the conflict nor the high price tag. Check them out:

I would check these out if you are thinking about buying some diamond jewelry for a wedding or engagement. True, they aren’t diamonds – we all know that. But they are beautiful and allow for a happy conscience. Thanks to TGH reader Maria for sending in the link to check them out!

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  1. Great post! There are SO many alternatives to diamonds. Man made diamonds (Moissonite) is actually harder and more multi-fascited that diamond…and because it was made in a lab, there is MUCH less impact on the environment (NO mining!), and obviously no one died to make it as well. Search Etsy for Tamara McFarland, she makes beautiful rings out of recycled metals and man made stones. 🙂

  2. Those are lovely!

    My favorite diamond alternative is vintage diamonds. When he proposed, my husband gave me a necklace that belonged to his grandmother, and we had that diamond along with a couple from a ring of my mom’s (her grandmother’s, I think) set to make my ring. It was less expensive, conflict free, and sentimental! Win!

  3. i saw a really cool thing on pbs about pink diamonds that are only found in one part of Australia. they’re more expensive than white diamonds but you can be sure they’re not conflict diamonds if they’re pink

  4. This is a HUGE social justice issue that most people are afraid to bring up – Love this article. Those silver rings are a unique alternative to be sure. Tonia, good point about manmade diamonds. Why not?

  5. We’re looking for engagement rings right now. I’m hoping to find a diamond 2nd hand, but if we can’t we are buying one that’s certified conflict-free. The hard part is when you are on a budget this is harder as the only places that offer financing are stores that sell conflict diamonds. Second hand diamonds may be cheaper than new, but you still have to have the cash on hand. It’s a struggle.

  6. I actually own some pieces by this artist. They are super sparkly, edgy and classic… Not to mention the metals are recycled and there is no conflict to be had! I highly reccommend their work.

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