Green batteries are ready for their spotlight!

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When you get a chance, take an inventory of all the electronic equipment in your life that uses disposable batteries. Go ahead, I will wait here.

Ok, so what did you find out? In my house alone, I have:

4 remotes = 8 AA batteries
Smoke Detector = 1 9volt
Carbon Monoxide Detector = 1 9volt
4 clocks = 7 AA batteries
Digital Camera = 2 AA batteries
4 flashlights = 8 DD batteries
Kitchen Timer – 1 AAA battery
Garage Door Opener – 1 9volt

Ok, so thats 29 batteries…that I can think of right now. And on average, they all probably need to be replaced once year. Thats a lot of battery acid in the landfills! My solution? Green

Green is a one stop source for rechargeable batteries of every shape and size imaginable, along with some other stuff you didnt think you needed. There is absolutely no reason that anyone should be using regular old batteries when you can buy rechargeable ones. Sure, they cost a little more than your regular ones…but they last years AND you can feel good about the fact that you are not tossing caustic chemicals in the landfills. These are not the rechargeable ones we had as kids when they first hit the market. These ones actually charge and power your stuff!

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