Green Buy – Reusable Cotton Coffee Sleeve

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So, you just cannot give up that paper cup at your local coffee place huh? That reusable mug is just too hard to clean and carry to work? Well, the least you could do is to not use the extra sleeve they give you to protect your delicate hands! My wife was nice enough to point this item out in one of her magazines to me, and I thought I should post about it here. It is a reusable, reversible and washable cotton coffee cup sleeve that you can carry with you and put on your disposable cup. From the site:

“Use this coffee cup sleeve again and again to protect your hand from steaming hot (or icy cold) drinks. Made of cotton, it has a small pocket that keeps a coffee card or cash handy for the next latte. Store flat, or roll up and secure with elastic loop.”

Pretty much the only thing that pocket will hold is your spare change, but it is still pretty cool if you have to get your coffee in a to-go cup. You can find it at

But seriously, you should think about using a plastic or aluminum mug that you can just clean…the amount of coffee cups in the trash cans in this city is astounding!

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