Green Consumerism Is Still Consumerism; Useless “Green” Product Alert.


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I am sure you have seen them on tons of “green” websites lately…these “Easy Ecopod” units from Williams-Sonoma that crush your cans and recyclables for you. Do you know how much they cost to buy? $328 dollars. For a can and plastic crusher. Last time I checked I had feet that could do the same thing for free, but maybe that’s just me. But here is the real kicker…you don’t need to crush your recyclables before taking them out, you can take them out to the bin full size. So you don’t even need your feet, never mind a $328 crushing machine. I make 2 trips a week to the recycling bin out back, and both times I carry the bag of recyclables, dump them in the bin, and carry the bag back inside to put back in the trash can. I have had the same bag in this can for about 6 weeks now, and although eventually I will have to replace the bag, each time I use it again saves 1 more bag from going into a landfill.

When I first started seeing these “Ecopod” units I was amazed that anyone would spend over $300 for a machine that basically only serves one purpose – to crush aluminum cans and some other plastics. But it seems that people are actually buying these things and I really cannot understand it. I think what is happening is that consumerism is just being taken right into the “green” movement, making us think that we now have to buy products we don’t need just to be more green…but nothing could be further from the truth. When you buy things that you don’t need, you are still contributing to the waste in our environment; eventually this unit will need to be tossed into the garbage, right? Unless it is made out of biodegradable ingredients, it still used petroleum to make the rubber gaskets, foot pedal and any other plastic parts and some kind of metal to make the canister itself. How is that green? Especially when it is something that absolutely no one actually needs?

My recycling needs include two things…an old trash can I already had in the house and a few bags a year. I use my biodegradable trash bags to hold the goods until they need to be put in the bin and then I put the bag back in the trash can for several more uses. Sure beats spending $328 on a big plastic and metal machine to crush aluminum cans. Be sure to watch out for the “green consumerism” bug; companies have started coming out with stuff that we do not need all in the name of “green” and people will start falling for it. Don’t let it be you!

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  1. Isn’t it silly how many products people don’t need get bought because they have the label “green”? As if just because it’s eco-friendly that means we need it.

  2. Yeah, I am right there with you. The other useless green product alert is of course the “I am not a plastic bag” bag. The mimicking of Rene Magritte’s “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” is not even clever! Please stop waste material and please stop the urge to rake in green from the green movement.

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